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HARD-PRESSED, YET NOT CRUSHED (The concluding part)

Eventually Aderemi gained admission into the same University with Olumide, after seven years of writing the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination. He was sad that the examination kept him at a static point in life, but he knew he was grooming himself for the battles ahead in life. His Mother, Mrs. Adara was happy at the new improvement but also sad that her loneliness would increase now that there is no one to nag at anymore.

Mr. Adeyemi, Aderemi and Olumide’s mentor had a done a good work in their life already. He had been called into his own full-time Ministry; he was no longer the leader of Mount Olives Youth fellowship, after serving as the youth Pastor for a number of years. He still got across to his protégés once in a while, now that they were in school.

Aderemi was in his final year in the University, where he studied Agricultural Economics. His commitment for the work of God did not reduce, likewise Olumide his friend.

The two friends tightened their cord of friendship while in the University, although Olumide got into the University before his friend.

While Aderemi was appointed the President of the fellowship, they attended on Campus, Olumide served in the office of the welfare Director. Aderemi was quickly regarded a big brother in the fellowship because he appeared older than most of his peers. He was also advanced in knowledge; He had wits and wisdom, and carried the knowledge of God wherever he went.

He led many groups in the fellowship before he eventually became the President of the fellowship. He had right answers for every questions and problems. He was no longer moved by the usual trend in the University.
Toba, their third friend was already out of the University by then.
Days and months have rolled by. They had just completed their final exams in the University. Olumide was going to become a Medical Doctor and Aderemi an Agricultural Economist. The finalists in the fellowship agreed to organize a prayer session for themselves, because they believed they were going into the world, as it was usually termed.
They came together prayed, made supplications, and sought the face of the Lord. God spoke to Olumide and Aderemi in like manner, that they were to go and tarry with their mentor; Mr. Adeyemi for six months, just before Aderemi was mobilized for National Youth Service programme and Olumide went for his internship programme.
After the prayers that day, Aderemi informed Olumide, on what God had told him. Olumide confirmed that it was the exact message God gave him. They prayed together and decided to inform Mr. Adeyemi about God’s instruction. Mr. Adeyemi received the news well, and reminded them that God knows the end from the beginning. He told them that probably there was a danger ahead of them in destiny that God wanted to exempt them from.


The University Convocation was exactly two months after their final examination. Olumide was already inducted into the medical profession. Although Aderemi studied a common course, He knew God would work out His way out in his life.
The Driver drove into the Convocation venue. Mr. and Mrs. Afolabi, Olumide’s Parents, Mrs. Adara, and the two Graduands were all seated in Mr. Afolabi’s Jeep. There was joy in everyone’s heart as they stepped out of the car.

Olumide helped Deremi, his brother and friend to adjust his Convocation gown. Aderemi reciprocated the love by placing the mortarboard properly on Olumide’s head. The two friends looked handsome than ever, as they wore the same attire again. Finally they could boast of a certificate, they hugged each other. Mrs. Adara’s joy knew no bound. The Afolabi’s embraced the two friends. The picture session was unending.
In the midst of the celebration, Mr. Afolabi announced to his son, Olumide of the latest development.
“Olumide, your Uncle, Adebayo in the United States have asked that you come over in the next two weeks. Your application to Beverly Hills Hospital for internship has been granted and you are to resume in the next two weeks.
“Daddy are you serious?” Olumide jumped to his feet with gladness.
“Yes dear son.” His Father replied.
Olumide stood to embrace his father.
“My son, you have made me proud. I can’t do less for you.” Mr. Afolabi said.
“Thank you Daddy.”
Olumide prostrated with his ceremonial gown.
“Stand up dear; we are left to make preparations for your travelling tickets.”
His Father said.
Mrs. Afolabi smiled from where she sat, as she was glad at all that happened.
Olumide was happy that lines were falling for him in pleasant places. The same houseman-ship programme that took his peers, six months before they started, was coming through for him in less than three weeks.
Olumide had told Aderemi about the latest development on the day of the ceremony. Aderemi had kept quiet about it that day because he didn’t want to raise an argument before their Parents.
“Olumide I know it appears like lines are falling for you in pleasant places with such good news, but I don’t think you should go for this opportunity.”
Aderemi started the discussion in the Afolabi’s living room.
“What do you mean? Why have we been praying all this while in school that good things should come our way after school?” Olumide said.
Aderemi lifted the glass of juice his friend had served him, to drink some more.
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten the instructions God told us?” Aderemi said gesturing with his hands.
“You mean that we should go and stay with Mr. Adeyemi for few months, right after school?”
Olumide asked.
“Exactly, better opportunities are still coming your way. If God wanted you to stay with Mr. Adeyemi for few months, He would not bring up this seemingly attractive opportunity. Our God is not an author of confusion, you know?” Aderemi added.
“Aderemi, Ah! But why are you talking like this? Everyone knows this opportunity is God’s doing. Don’t be a sadist, I will call Mr. Adeyemi, and tell him I will come and stay with him once I return from the United States of America.” Olumide said on.
“Olumide, you should know that whatever God can give you, the devil can also give you. You just have to decide, who you want to be your source.”
Olumide was already on his feet by now, as he was taking the discussion seriously.
“Aderemi, don’t tell me you are turning this discussion into a sermon. Or have you forgotten you are no more the President of a fellowship?”
Olumide giggled.
Aderemi took the matter more seriously than Olumide expected.
“My friend, people have been cut off in destiny simply because they did not follow God’s instruction. I shouldn’t start telling you that all that glitters is not gold.” Aderemi said frankly.
“I think it’s enough, Deremi. You are beginning to talk like I am backslidden already. I am just going to further my education now. At least God saw me when I put in for medicine.” Olumide defended himself.
“I understand perfectly, and God does more than I even do. But I don’t want you to backslide before we start to have this discussion. All I am saying is that God’s timing is the best.” Olumide preached on.
“Deremi, you shouldn’t be preaching to me about God’s timing, if I didn’t understand God’s timing, it wouldn’t take me six years to gain admission, I would have resolved to the usual short cut. I think we have wasted enough time already in the bid to gain an admission. Why can’t we cover up for those wasted years?” Olumide said.
“Did you just call all those years of spiritual grooming a waste? I thought you said you understand God’s timing.” It was Aderemi speaking now.
“Not really, but Deremi, don’t tell me you are jealous I am travelling abroad or because I studied medicine and I have to go for an internship programme unlike you.” Olumide said returning to his seat.
Aderemi was surprised at the words Olumide said.
“Jealous? Is that what you call all these? Jealous is what you term my concern for your destiny?"
"What is the big deal in travelling abroad, even if I have not been to the embassy before?”
Aderemi adjusted on his seat, as he expressed his anger at the statement just made by his friend. Why would he ever think he was jealous of his profession? Was it because He stayed in a different hostel in the University?
 “Perhaps there is a big deal when you upload your picture on Facebook, when you get to the States, where you have a thick jacket on with a muffler around your neck, and you stand beside a notable statue.”
Aderemi was getting furious.
“Perhaps there is a big deal in studying medicine after all, when you see a doctor that is a patient of cancer, and he cannot help himself, and his colleague also cannot save him. What is the big deal in being a medical doctor, when you cannot save a man’s soul from perishing? Haven’t we seen Doctor’s that become Bankers, or full time Pastors?”
Aderemi was already on his feet as he raised his voice.
“Medical Doctor my foot, what is being a Medical Doctor has compared to fulfilling God’s mandate in your life. I wonder why everyone exalt that profession, like Doctor’s have a ticket to heaven automatically.”
Olumide responded immediately, “Aderemi let us drop this issue; I would call Mr. Adeyemi right away and tell him.
“Olumide! Olumide!! Olumide!!! You have waited enough in life to waste all those years of patience in six months.” Aderemi spoke more like a Father now.
Olumide did just like he said; He called their mentor, and told him about his plans to travel abroad. Mr. Adeyemi was not happy with the information, he persuaded Olumide to go and pray about his decisions. But he couldn’t push the matter further, since Olumide was the one that announced that God spoke to him.

Aderemi prayed for his friend in his closet. He was not happy about his decision.

It’s been three years after. Aderemi communicated with Olumide often in the first few months of his trip. But after a number of months, he suddenly became unreachable. He went to the Afolabi’s house to ask about him. His parents told him they heard from him very scarcely that they believed something was wrong.
Aderemi was sad at the news; he went ahead to pray for his friend.
“It’s me Pastor Adara.” Aderemi announced his presence as he stood outside the door to the Pastor Adeyemi’s Office.
“Come right in Sir.” Pastor Adeyemi said.
Aderemi was now a branch Pastor of one of the Churches of Mr. Adeyemi; Pastor Adeyemi had called him to come for an urgent discussion.
Aderemi opened the door to receive the biggest shock of his life.
He found Olumide seated in the Pastor’s Office.
He could not swallow his shock, as his mouth was opened wide agape.
He tried to mutter a few words, but he could not find the exact word to say.
Pastor Adeyemi understood the scene. He let them.
Aderemi Adara was not only shocked at his friend’s presence; he was more shocked at his appearance.

Olumide appeared like an insane person. He was tattered. He appeared liked someone whose hair had grown were barbers never existed. Aderemi knew obviously something was wrong, he had been battered.

Olumide ran to hug his brother from another mother.

Aderemi managed to receive the hug. Tears rolled down his eyes as he hugged him in return. The rancid smell from Olumide’s filthy body was like an heap of garbage.

He didn’t know the first question to ask him.

What happened?

Where have you been?

He was supposed to use one year in the United States, why didn’t he return until now?

Why didn’t he inform him that he was already in the country?

When did he return?

They loosed each other’s grip, as tears rolled down their faces.

Aderemi knew the devil had attacked Olumide, but he thought Doctor’s had immunity to demonic forces.

Aderemi found a seat eventually, as Olumide narrated his ordeal overseas.

Olumide became friends with some guys who lived in the same doctor’s quarters with him when he got to the United States. They were not Christians, but he didn’t think he should separate from them because of that. At first he preached to them.

They studied together, and sooner or later started addressing themselves as the ‘Five Big Brothers’, although Olumide did not like the idea at first, he felt since they were just doing academic stuff, it didn’t matter.

In a short while they introduced him to clubbing. Not too long after sexual intercourse became his daily bread. They brought into their group, ten girls, and each guy was having sex with two girls at the same time. Once a person was through with the two girls with him, he would exchange with another person in the group. This went on for months. They had lost view of why they were in the school. They added drugs to their diet. The powerful Olumide sudenly became a drug addict.

He was deported back to Nigeria, when the law caught up with them.

Aderemi’s shirt was soaked in tears by now.

Olumide had let impatience ruin his destiny; even Toba their third friend who did not wait like them was doing fine.

Aderemi did not know if he should blame Olumide for his own predicament, or God for letting the devil sift him.

Aderemi was sad. He managed to gather himself together. He didn’t like who he saw standing in front of him. Olumide his bosom friend looked more like a stranger now. He was close to the mad people he saw on the street.

He had not gone to see his Parents ever since he returned.

“Pastor Adara I need you to gather yourself together.” Pastor Adeyemi called Aderemi’s attention.

 “I know, but Olumide you should have waited. It was just six months, just six months”

Aderemi expressed with his fingers, as he faced his friend.

He was deeply grieved at Olumide.

“See what you have done to yourself because you could not wait for six months. Do you look like a Medical Doctor anymore? Where is your stethoscope now? Where is the Uncle that called you to come over to the United States in two weeks? Why can’t they save you now? Why didn’t you just wait for six months?”  Deremi said with tears all over his face.

“We cannot start scolding him now, until he is back in his right senses.” Mr. Adeyemi said.

Aderemi wouldn’t listen, he wanted to say a lot to him, and he felt like slapping Olumide.

"Olumide, you of all people, you waited for six years at home before you gained admission, but you could not wait for just six months before your internship programme. Whoever said America was heaven in the first place?"

Aderemi spread his hands out like a lady.

“Who did?” He cried aloud this time.

“Olumide you let the devil, which you have always casted out, made you a laughing stock, because of impatience. You think one year was not enough for the devil to make you a Deacon in the kingdom of hell right? I was hard-pressed on every side, but I did not let myself be crushed by the devil.”

“Why didn’t you wait? I waited like we agreed, went for my NYSC programme, and today I own my company.” Aderemi said.

“Aderemi, that’s enough, I understand how exactly you feel. Olumide has to go through a detoxification process, and you are the best person to help him through the process, now that you are along the medical line.” Pastor Adeyemi said to Aderemi.

Aderemi was sad at the news he just received. Olumide now has to go through a rehabilitation process. The pain he would go through during those months of detoxification was unimaginable, the vomiting, the sleepless nights, the head-aches, the pains and every other complications of the process. Aderemi understood that detox can be challenging, but it was a necessary step in starting a better life through recovery. It was the only cleansing process through which the toxins that have accumulated in Olumide’s body from substance abuse could be removed. It was after that, other important elements of rehabilitation like counseling could work.

“Alright, I will take care of him.”

Aderemi had stopped crying by now.

Pastor Adeyemi led them in prayers; Aderemi took Olumide out of the office to his car.


“I am outside the office complex already.” Pastor Aderemi Adara said to the person on the phone.

“I will be their right away Sir.” The receiver responded.

Aderemi stepped out of his range rover sports car, a car that was worth about eleven million at the time of purchase, Olumide sat there in the car, still wondering how Aderemi had managed to make it big in a matter of few years. They were going to the Hospital for Olumide’s appointment with the Doctor. He was going to begin his detoxification process.

“These are the files you requested for Sir, the one for the Taqson Company.” Mr. Toba said.

Toba their third friend now works for Aderemi, after looking for job for about three years after school.

Aderemi moved to Mr. Adeyemi’s house right after school, he stayed there for about seven month; he used an extra month, as compared to the instruction given by God, because his call up letter for the National youth Service programme was not out on time. This was because he deferred his own mobilization till the next batch.

It was during his service year he got an employment. Two years after, he now has his own establishment, ‘Adedara Pharmaceuticals’, a name he got from the combination of his name. He was now married with a kid in the marriage.

Olumide stepped out of the car, at the sight of Toba, his old friend.

Although Olumide was ashamed, the joy of seeing his old friend overshadowed the shame.

“Toba! Is that you?” Olumide shouted.

Toba tried to look at who it was that came down from the car.

“Olumide! Gush, where have you been all this years?”

Toba knew something was wrong with Olumide

Aderemi had eventually led Toba to Christ.

“I have been here and there.” Olumide responded.

Aderemi wanted to save Olumide of the explanation.

“Alright guys, you guys would hook up later; we are running late for Olumide’s appointment.”

Aderemi said as he entered his car.

“Alright Sir, don’t forget to see the Chairman and not just the secretary.” Toba said to his friend who had now become his boss.

Aderemi knew once Olumide was through with his detoxification process, he would be fine and back on track.

Our God sees the danger ahead, and does His best to exempt His beloved from them.

……………………THE END……………………………..

NB: Characters in these stories and every other ones are not intended to portray any group of persons. They are just mere fictions.