Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Love in My Bowels

“Thank you for coming around,” Juliet said to her friend, “It’s my pleasure, the message was powerful,” “all the glory to God, it’s a rare privilege to bring a Sister out of her Convent.” Juliet chuckled. “You should know I will always honour your invitation any time “Sister Veronica said as they walked towards the church gate “Juliet!” Felix called out from behind.” She turned around to see who called, “Felixander! It’s you.”

“Yes dear, how was the program?” He stretched out his hand for a shake. “Splendid” she answered; Felix reached out his hand to Sister Veronica also. “Afternoon Ma’am,” he bowed, “Afternoon Sir,” Veronica replied. “Felix meet my friend, Veronica.” Juliet started the introduction. “It’s a pleasure,” Veronica said back with a smile.

An exceptional portrait of beauty, a fair lady with average height, her choice of blouse fitted her black pleated skirt. “How has it been at your new office?” Juliet asked Felix who had just been transferred from another state. “It’s been worthwhile, the staff there are awesome and there is better human relationship amongst them than the state I was transferred from.” The duo discussed as Veronica walked silently along towards the gate. “Thank God, all things will surely work together for your good.”  Juliet responded. “Amen, enjoy the rest of the week,” he said as they parted ways outside the church premises. “Thank you, and you too,” Juliet replied, Veronica also said thank you and waved at him.

Something seemed attractive to Felix about the young lady that walked with Juliet, although she was absolutely quiet, while they spoke, he still could not understand such fragrance that spread through her. He was not just caught by her unspotted beauty; he concluded in his heart, that it was just one of a kind.

Veronica was the first to speak as they sat in the public transport that conveyed them home. “Juliet come to think of it, why is it that you don’t address each other formally, I mean I was expecting you to address that brother as Brother Felix and not by his first name.” “Oh really, does it make any difference?” Juliet said surprised.

“Well, I think it does, it gives a sense of respect, if I were to be an unbeliever, I would simply assume there are no boundaries and probably it’s just like in the normal world system.” she replied “anyway if you think so, Sis-ter Ve-ro-nica’’ she chuckled stressing every syllable.

 Juliet was on her way to choir rehearsals at the church premises, her head was still bowed to her phone, as it was common of blackberry users, she was replying chat messages that popped up on her phone, when her phone vibrated again, she checked to see who it was that sent a ping, looking up at intervals to be aware of on-coming vehicles. It was Felix, she replied him “hello’’, they started to exchange chat messages with Juliet raising her head at intervals as she walked along the street.

Felix quickly asked about veronica and how she was faring, Juliet replied well. Felix asked when the next time she would be coming around to their church was, Juliet replied that she wasn't sure about her visit, Felix went ahead to ask for her contact, Juliet probed the request a little, but eventually yielded when he defended that he had good intentions. “Talk to you later,’’ she replied finally as she entered the church auditorium.


It’s been over three months since Felix’s first contact with Veronica, he had almost forgotten about her until she showed up again for a weekend program at their parish, although Felix had gotten her contact, he suddenly dropped the idea of reaching out to her and felt he might appear too forward.

Throughout the program his mind was fixed on her, it was only when the preacher raised his voice intermittently that he tried to pay attention at the seminar, but it did not take long before he gave her another gaze. The Same kind of feeling that he felt on their first contact seems to gradually fill his mind. He felt a fragment of peace at the thought of her, he manage to concentrate through the seminar, and impatiently awaited the end of it so that he could feel her presence closer.

‘’Veronica! Veronica!!”Felix hurried after her, as people walked out of the church in numbers. ‘’Veronica! Veronica!!” he said aloud again, this time she heard someone call her name, she still felt awkward as her first name was called, unlike in the convent where everyone was referred to as ‘Sister’.

“Afternoon Brother,” she replied with a blush, "thank you for coming around, it’s good to see you around here” he said with a grin “Yes, your parish is a good place, moreover Juliet is my best friend and I could hardly turn down her invitation,” looking around for Juliet.” That’s honourable, your friendship seem to be grounded.” “You can say that again she smiled. This time, Felix decided to ask for her contact, Veronica almost raised an eyebrow but thought against it and reeled out the digits.

Thank you Veronica, I will call you one of these days,” just as he ended the line, Juliet showed up from behind. “Choristers were asked to stay back, I am sorry for keeping you waiting,” she apologized. “No problem, Brother Felix has been chatting with me.”

“Good afternoon Felix, thanks,” Juliet said. “You are welcome, let me leave you two, do enjoy the rest of your day,” he walked out their presence, as he was sure the phone number was enough to find another contact with Veronica.

The two ladies walked along as they discussed every section of the seminar, they giggled at intervals, and Veronica told Juliet they had to hurry to the bus-stop, because she had left the convent quite long ago.

It was a bright afternoon in the convent; Veronica had just retired to her room, after a brief meeting with the Reverend Mother in her office. Just as she settled on her bed to remove her flat shoes one after another, her phone vibrated, it rang continually. She made sure she removed the pair before considering the phone that rang. The call was missed, she was still curious about the digits when the phone started to ring again, she quickly answered the call.

“Good afternoon,” she answered her caller. It was Felix calling, he spoke on for few minutes, he asked her about her day and the likes, and she eventually ended the call with a smile after Felix had told her to save his number.

She seemed to enjoy Felix with his commanding but friendly voice, she picked up the letter Reverend Mother had given to her, and tore it open to see where she was transferred to; it was St. Theresa Girls’ School. She was glad because it was closer to Juliet’s house; she picked up her phone to inform her of the news.


For weeks, Felix called Veronica every day, sometimes twice or more in a day, Veronica began to suspect his warm friendship, she never told him about the fact that she was a Reverend Sister because she wanted to appear like a polite young lady, and at other times assumed Juliet might as well have told him. At first she felt it was only a mere hand of friendship, but with the incessant messages and calls, she started to think otherwise. She had decided on telling him severally, but something strong seems to hold her back, perhaps because she did not want to lose his friendship.

Veronica was a very polite and respectful lady; Felix loved her for all of these, she was not forward at all, she didn’t ask for his house or more information than necessary. He enjoyed their friendship; he felt he had found the right woman for himself, and since he was ready for marriage, he was just going to go for this prim and proper lady.

“How is my friend doing today?” Felix asked with a smile over the phone. “I am fine and you?” She said, trying to sound appropriate as possible. “I am doing well, I was thinking of something, if you wouldn’t mind?” He started to say. “Okay and what could that be?” “I would like to come and visit you at home,” he said fearing what her response might be, because she was a firm lady.

Veronica wasn’t expecting it, but she did not like to receive male visitors in the convent, especially now that she works in a girls’ only school. “Okayyy, that would be beautiful, but I will be coming to town shortly, what if we catch up there?” She said trying to avoid the convent visit, although Veronica respected and admired Felix, she never thought he had anything up his sleeves. “Okay that would be fine by me,” he said, he didn’t want to push it hard.


Veronica was almost through with her shopping when he noticed an image like Felix’s approaching the glass door, he was tall and handsome in a pair of jeans trousers. Felix almost caught her staring as he opened the door, she looked away quickly and muttered beneath her breath, ‘Holy Mary mother of God forgive me for lusting after a man’.

Felix looked around the store where they had agreed to meet, just then Veronica beckoned to him at the cashier, Felix thought it maybe it was a different person entirely, he thought maybe the apparel on her was a joke of somewhat. ‘Jesus Christ!’ he said beneath his breath, as he marched towards her still hoping it was a day dream. Veronica had decided to wear her robe that day, to inform Felix against any intention.

Felix silently prayed it was her twin sister, and she was still somewhere around the corner. ‘Veronica! A nun!’ he walked on as if his head was not there. ‘Why didn’t she tell me?’ ‘Is this some kind of pranks or something?’ He had developed feelings for her already, putting up plans each day for their coming together.

“Good afternoon Veronica,” he called out to be sure. “Afternoon” she said with a smile. Felix looked around perplexed. “You are a Reverend Sister?” He asked, he couldn’t hide the shock boldly written all over his face. “Yes I am, and I guess you are surprised?” she smiled. “Absolutely, you never mentioned it!” Felix said as they walked out of the store. He did not know where to start from, his bubble had been bursted.
………………………To be continued……………………