Monday, 27 May 2013


This was the topic of my first "Talk Session with Akinwumi", which took place at Junior Secondary School, Oke-Ose in Ilorin East Local Government Area of Kwara State, Nigeria.
This is a topic that so interest me, because my experience as a teenage girl in the Nigeria society was a wonderful one, the age range of teenagers, is between 15 and 18, although we are fast regarding an eighteen years old as an adult, considering her rights to vote and other privileges.
The teenage girl in the Nigerian society is vibrant, all temperaments aside, she's smart, and soon notices two small things protruding on her chest and lots of other puberty changes. The teenage girl is so prone to societal vices. The consciousness of becoming a big girl, as they are popularly regarded, can do alot of harm to their being. She wants to say all that crosses her mind, every guy that winks at her, and she calls attention at the slightest opportunity.
She's distracted by the Barbies(s), the High School Musical albums, the Salsa dance classes, the Ballet dances and outfits and probably want to become a ballerina too. She wants to have all that are peers have and therefore prone to mistakes. This is why teenagers have all the acts of sex and sexual intercourse, it has become so rampant in our society and our wrong and misguided definition of freedom won't help matters. The things that contribute to this decadence are what they watch, especially the television, what was intended to be a major source of information and entertainment, as rather put our teens in shackles of destruction and detained them therein. The movies they watch also contributes largely to these societal mess.
Teenagers want to put into practice what they have seen in the movies, they want to dress like the movie stars, they want to borrow the language of communication used in the movies. Another source of these vices are their parents, parents who exchange words in hot arguments, parents who have forgotten they are the first role models given to these teens by God.

That's why a teenage girl can lecture her parents on sex, even before they deem her fit for sex education. The teenage girl that is supposed to be prepared as a weapon for the nation, has messed up her mind, her body, her thoughts at a tender age. I have come to believe that there is no age too young to give a girl child sex education, considering the environment she's growing up, just at the time when she is beginning to think that the two small balls in front of her chest are the first of its kind.
We have enough teenage girls with the wrong mindset in our nation, make it your duty to speak to every teenage girl around you, especially the ones going astray. Don't let them mess themselves before you speak to them. If you are a parent, learn the rules of parenting, don't be a wrong model for your child. I will end this post with the words of one of my mothers, Rev'd (Mrs). Oyenike Areogun "I am still waiting for the first couple who never kissed until their marriage ".