Monday, 27 May 2013

Music and The Mind, Eternal Relatives.

Music, a pleasant art indeed, so interesting and enjoyable, with its scintillating melody. A beautiful work of art, although not done only with the hands, but also the mouth and other vocal cords. When you talk about music, following suit are the various musical instruments that exists, and make this art more enviable. From the piano, to the guitar, the popular drum set, the harp (King David's favourite), the saxophone, flute and the list is endless. A
blend of these could make a man forget himself.
Virtually every human loves music, different genre anyway. Also music is a lucrative business, with the rapid increase in the number of artiste(s) in Nigeria, ranging from hip-hop, to rock, blues, gospel, e.t.c. Music is really a source of entertainment, whichever genre you love to listen to. It doesn't take long to see a gathering of people who have spent so much, just to watch artistes perform. Some leave their end of the country to another end, to watch artiste perform. 
Yes indeed! Music has got its merits, being a source of entertainment is surely one. Even if you never bought the latest album of Banky W, a Nigerian hip-hop artiste, don't worry, just walk along a street where the album is being sold and played loudly, as common in Nigeria. You only need to do this twice and before you say Jack, you are already humming the tone of the song.
Music and the Mind are so connected and I don't think there will ever be a scientist who would be able to break this connection. It employs two major gateways to the heart, the mouth and the ears, which grants it easy access to the mind. No wonder nursery rhymes are one of the best ways to teach kids.
We all know we need to mind our minds! If you must mind your mind, then you need to mind the music you listen to. Music have a great capacity to pollute the mind. Don't let it!!! In the book An Enemy Called Average by John L. Mason, he wrote "whatever you attach consistently to the words "I am" you will become".
Many music make us attach the words "I am" to things we are particularly not. An example are these lines of lyrics, "ama hustler", "I'm a bad boy", "I'm a good bad boy", don't be surprised if you hustle through life without finding peace or rest. I need not start a lecture on the power of the tongue.
Literally, we wouldn't say such things, but have come to realise that music has a way of getting us to say what we never intended. Music could be a source of distraction. No wonder we have hundreds of thousands of youth who wants to become popular rock stars, and decides to drop out of school as the first step towards acheiving this goal.
We've had enough of rock stars, we want innovators! Don't let the evil one take advantage of you because of the music you listen to. If you wouldn't want something to be found in your life, don't let music be the access to which it finds a foothold in your life. Music is pleasant but it can be a source of distraction.
Permit me to bring in this, music has made a good number of christians lazy, you see people jump up during praises and they are snoring during prayers. When prayer points are been listed in church to be prayed, you find out that some christians sing through out the prayer session, probably looking for a song that connotes each prayer point. I remember the words of a friend of mine, "Praise ain't a time out":
Your mind and music have been married eternally. Don't let music destroy your mind and your life!