Friday, 31 May 2013

They Say We Are Free and Colonization is a Thing of the Past...

These are the lyrics of the song of a man I respect alot, a man who is rich in words and believes in integrity rather than money, Beautiful Nubia!
They Say We Are Free and Colonization is a Thing of the Past,
but look around you people time is going by
and we still can't get it right,
they say our land is the home of poverty and disease
and we are treated like second class citizens of the world.
Our leaders run around begging for help,
when the solutions are right here at home with us.
The future of this land is in the hands
of every man and woman,
young and old, everyone of us as we share in the blame for the failure of the society.
See we are still slaves, economically, politically, ideologically.
We're trying to fix things from the top to the ground,
but the way to solve it is from the ground upwards,
lasting change begins at the individual level
everyone deeps in the pot, but no one replenishes.
Have you forgotten the rules!
Without love there can be no true justice and peace.
we must turn our backs on selfishness and greed,
go back to our culture of community, all for one and one for all
not just any man to his own.
We must go back to the land, a nation that cannot feed itself
will always remain SUBSERVIENT to others.
Believe me, we are still slaves to material wealth, religion, and foreign ideas.
This land will be a great place one day,
A place where dream come true,
our hope is in the children,
teach them to love their fellow man
and never to judge any one by the colour of their skin, religion or language,
teach them to be proud of our CULTURE,
 and the values of persevearance, honesty and humility.
Treat every child like your own,
for every child no matter the circumstances of his birth,
is a big hand to this glorious future.
Teach them to be strong in love,
and never never look down on themselves
and also learn to hold their hands up wherever they may go.
Teach the children to sing this song of pride,
let them sing it, loud and clear
Am not ashamed, to be who I am
am not ashamed, am a proud African
am not afraid, am a child of the MOST HIGH.