Saturday, 15 June 2013

I HAVE MOVED ON (The concluding part)

Lois’ phone rang continually. It was Tobiloba calling.

She had just returned from Helen’s roommate twenty first birthday party. It was at the party she met Ayokunle, a Nigerian by birth, who is fully based in the United Kingdom. Ayokunle followed his cousin to the same birthday party.

He moved to the United Kingdom after his secondary school education in Nigeria.

He graduated from the faculty of arts, from the University of Leicester, in the United Kingdom. He is currently running his master’s programme in the same University.
“Good evening Tobi.” Lois said with a low tone.
“I should be free for two o’ clock.” Lois answered.
Although she was not interested in the proposed visit, but because Helen had warned her earlier against impudence, she decided to let Tobiloba come over the next day.
The phone rang again just as she dropped Tobiloba’s call. It was Ayokunle calling this time.
“Hello!” Lois answered.
They held a long conversation over the phone. It lasted for over forty minutes. 
They were just getting acquainted with each other. They discussed several issues as it came to their minds.
Lois was beginning to enjoy Kunle’s company. Although they have not spent too much time together in the physical, but Lois did like what she heard on the phone.
“Please come in.” Lois said from inside.
It was the next day. Tobi was here for the visit as promised.
He flung the door open as he stepped in.
“Good afternoon dear.” Tobi said with a broad smile trying to act like nothing ever happened.
“Yea, afternoon.”  She replied coldly.
“Sit.” She offered.

Tobilola began to speak. “Jomiloju you have been avoiding me lately, you will neither pick nor return my calls. Since you no longer bother to check on me, I decided to come around to see you.
“And as you can see I’m fine, Mr. Welfare secretary.” Lois answered sharply.
“Are you kidding me? Were you referring to me in that manner?” Tobi frowned.
Then he suddenly became sober again.
“But what happened to us suddenly? The friendship we had? The love we shared?  All the affection! All the times we spent together? The joy  that was in our heart each time we met. Lois are you just gonna give all that to the dogs?
"Whatever it is, I want to hear it. I must tell you I really don’t know why you are upset with me. Maybe if I knew it, I would apologize sincerely and stop whatever the error is".
He paused to allow Lois say something.
After a brief silence and there was no word from Lois, he continued.
“Why are you acting up unnecessarily? This sudden coldness must surely have a reason; I mean a good one at that.”
Lois spoke this time around. “Are you done?”
Tobi retorted. “Am I done with what? Blabbing?
He stood to his feet almost immediately.
“Am not happy with this ungodly attitude you have suddenly put up with. Do enjoy the rest of your evening.” He said as he walked to the door.
“Tobi you call an act ungodly? Tobi! You! Anyway thank you for coming around. I am grateful.” She said as she opened the door for him.
Although Lois wasn’t too comfortable with the way she addressed him, nevertheless she wanted him to have a taste of the poison. How could he come around here and act like nothing ever happened. Was he not expecting her to be taken aback by that act? Lois thought.
“Linda you see, your method didn’t work out.” Tobiloba said angrily to Linda as he paced around his sitting room.
Linda sat quietly in the chair.
“But I thought it would work. Am I to blame now? Linda said aloud.
“I see, so you don’t have a share of the blame is that what you say. I told you I love this lady deeply, I just didn’t know how to tell her.” Tobi said worriedly.
“I was just trying to help Tobiloba. Stop seeing me like an enemy for Christ’s sake.” Linda defended herself.
“Yeah, I can see you have really helped out, Mrs. Help meet.” Tobi said, more angrily this time.
They were both in the accounting department at the University of Hertfordshire. She was the closest pal he had of all their classmates.
Earlier before the scenario, Linda had come over to Tobi’s apartment for help in a particular course.
After discussing their assignment, they moved on to discuss several other things.
Linda asked about his relationship, whether he had found a lady he loved so much.
Tobi confided in the Linda, and told her about his unending love for Lois. But explained further that he feared Lois might assume he was taking their friendship for granted.
Linda suggested a method, which could prove if Lois really loved him in return.
Eventually the results were not as expected. Lois didn’t react to their face that afternoon when she pretended like nothing happened.
Also Lois didn’t confront Tobiloba afterwards, but her unfriendliness towards Tobiloba ever since then, confirmed that she was not pleased with Tobiloba again, she was no longer committed to their friendship. There was no more enthusiasm in her heart concerning Tobiloba.
“So what do we do now?” Linda asked.
“Go ask the mountains.” Tobi retorted.
“Now that I have lost both the friendship and Love, you ask what do we do?” He said.
I will join you in  a jiffy, please hold on there.” Her caller said.

It was Tobiloba. He had called to see her after her academic activities for the day, before she returned to the hostel.
This time Tobiloba was ready to make it up to Lois, regardless the reaction he could receive.
“Who is it?” Lois said as she struggled to remove the hands that covered her face from behind.
She obviously knew it was Tobiloba. She knew his smell too well but she wasn’t ready for anymore of such mind games.
“How are you today?” Tobiloba said with a broad smile as he pulled a chair to seat. They were in the cafeteria closest to the Library.
He settled down beside her.
“I am fine. Thank you.” She said trying to be polite as possible.
Tobiloba raised few discussions, as he tried to reinstate them to their level of proximity.
Lois checked her watch at intervals. She tried to concentrate; she giggled a number of times, as she didn’t want to embarrass him in the public.
There was silence.
“Oluwajomiloju!” Tobiloba sounded more seriously.
“I love you so much. Our friendship has grown to this level because we were committed to it. Please let’s not stop now. We have come too far to discard such beautiful things we had. Let us stop deceiving ourselves. You are the best person I ever met on this planet. You were the friend I could share all my foolish thoughts with without been scolded. I didn’t want to push it too hard.
Tobiloba took in a little breathe, he waited to see Lois’ reaction, but rather her face was clueless.
“I know you are thinking of Linda, right?
“She’s just a mere classmate. We are not into a relationship. The scene you saw that day was just an acted script.
“We are not even half as close as you and I.” I have nurtured your love for months now, but I couldn’t summon courage to tell you. I feared you might assume I took you for granted.
“Lois there is no Linda anywhere; it’s only you Lois Oluwajomiloju Herbert that exist in my journal of love. Am sorry if I hurt you badly. We can always get back to where we were. Please dear let’s return to our road of friendship and love. Please don’t refuse my sincere love."

"I love you and I want to marry you.” Tobiloba made the big statement

The words sounded like lightning in Lois’ heart.
But why did he have to put up that awkward approach? Why did he need to test her love?  He surely must be an unstable man. If he knew what he wanted, he would have just asked, by now Lois’ love had grown deep for Kunle. They have been meeting for days now; he appeared simple and straight forward. She felt more secure around him.

He went on his knees with a ring in his hand held up to Lois; he was not moved by the crowd in the cafeteria. He felt he did not need to ask for a mere relationship anymore, after their months of friendship.
While he waited  for Lois’ response as his gaze was focused on her, Lois phone rang.
“Yea, the cafeteria beside the University Library. I am ready.” Lois said to her caller and ended the call right away.
It was Ayokunle; he had asked her out on a date.
Before Lois could fathom what to say to Tobiloba, Ayokunle was already at the door, he waved at her with a smile.
“Tobiloba am sorry, maybe we should talk some other time.” Lois said as she stood to her feet with her bag and walked towards Kunle, who held her hands as they both walked out of the door.
……………………......THE END………………………