Monday, 17 June 2013

An Irresponsible Firstborn

Are you lucky to have one of your birthright(s) has being the first born of a family? The Yoruba's call it ' Ogun-ibi'. The first born has special priviledges within d family. Israel was God's first born, enjoying a priviledged position and blessings.
God is the firstborn of every creature. The firstborn should be the carrier of light for the family.
But come to think of it, the same birth-rite didn’t make any meaning to Esau as he said; what shall this birthright do to me! In Yoruba as I often love to translate a few times “Ore kini ogun-ibi yi yi o si se fun mi”. The last line of Genesis 25:34 says “and Esau despised his birthright” another version put it this way; “he showed contempt for his rights as the firstborn.” Have you shown so much contempt for your right as the firstborn in time past? Probably you are too empty to be called one.
Esau, a good example of an irresponsible firstborn traded DESTINY for FRIVOLITIES, and later sought for it with tears. No other position is so much reckoned with like that of the first child.
You are part of a plan not an accident; you should be a student of processes and responsibilities instead of benefits and priviledges. Have you not seen other reasons why you are the firstborn except that everyone calls you “EGBON”.
Are  you only leading the flock behind you unto damnation? Don’t be the eldest in age alone, but also in spirituality and responsibility. Deep calleth unto deep, the devil is not bothered about anything except your destiny, once he has gotten it, you become useless to him. You are not by chance; let the eagle nature inside of you call unto that of your siblings.
To an extent you will account for them. Maybe nobody in your family has ever launched into that deep; why not lead them into it.
If after the loss of your parents, things get worse because you cannot manage the family, then you are beginning to lose your birthright.
Gen 49:3 says,“ Reuben you are my firstborn, my might and the beginning of my strength, the Excellency of dignity, and the Excellency of power. Unstable as water, you shall not excel, because you went up to your father’s bed and defiled it.”
 The greater the DESTINY you carry, the greater and higher the devil want to pay. You’ve got to make up your mind that the devil can’t find your price.
Reuben didn’t realize that so early, hence he was demoted and exchange his destiny for the laps of his father’s concubine.
Don't wait until God demote you. Some people increase their school fees and encourage their siblings also to cheat their parents, they dishonor their parents, I used to be a victim, until God spoke to me, like I am doing now. Believe me it was through some firstborn their siblings lost their virginity, some made their friends abuse their sisters. Some people did not make their siblings see any beauty in chastity and purity, they encouraged them to be people of easy virtue, to see no crime in wild parties and unruly habits, and didn’t show them the way of the Lord until they completely desecrated themselves. They didn’t make them see God has their only option.
Another account of an irresponsible first child is the first daughter of Lot that led her younger sister into sleeping with their father for offspring, shame on her. There are some mistakes your younger ones are not permitted to make, either because you have made them before, or because you know the danger it will do to their destiny.
I think we should rise to proper influence. No wonder Laban refused to give Rachael out to Jacob before Leah, he said” It is not our custom to marry off a younger daughter ahead of her sister.”
Probably your younger ones are the ones that remind you of church programmes, then you are a disgrace to God.
1 Chronicles 5:3 recorded that Reuben’s birthright was giving to his step brother; Joseph because of the atrocity he committed, and was not enlisted in the genealogical records as the first born.
Probably over the years, you have lost your place as the firstborn; you have disregarded your assignment. I don’t know the gravity of mistakes you have caused your siblings to make in the past, not to worry, now you are realizing your mistakes, make up your mind that you will not return to that pit of life, our God who is a merciful father will have mercy on you. Spring forth and become a lamp. The earlier the better. I recall the story of Esau again, a man that was CARELESS with destiny. Heb 12:17 says, “For you know how that afterwards when he would have inherited the blessings, he was rejected; although he sought for it with tears.
Let me end this note with the story of the daughters of Zelophehad who stood their ground for the posterity of their family, that their father’s name should not disappear from his clan because he had no sons, Numbers 27:1-8. An act that is very commendable, regardless the fact that they were females.
I pray you will not seek for your birthright with tears.