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LED OR CONFUSED? (The final part)

Omotara was glad that Dennis did not refuse her because of her past. That was why she delayed a while before she finally gave her YES, to see if he was consistent. She was happy she was moving on at last. Nevertheless she had not heard from Dennis since that day. It’s been a week now. Each time She tried his line, it was either unavailable or switched off. The few times he picked them, he said he was busy that he would call back, but he never did.
She decided to check on him, she was lucky to meet him at home that evening.
“It’s me Omotara.”  Tara answered softly.
Dennis was not expecting her, but he knew she would show up soon.
“Oh, I am coming.”
He opened the door right away. 
“Have your seat please. You didn’t tell you were coming.”
Dennis forced a smile.

“I’m sorry dear; you were not picking your phone, and that got me worried the more. Hope there is no problem? I have not heard from you since the last time we spoke. You will neither pick nor return my calls. It was because you said there was no problem that relieved me. I would have thought there was more to it. Moreover on Sunday I asked you to wait for me, but you were gone before I was through.” Omotara said.
Dennis knew he had to face it; his mind was already made up.
“I’m sorry Sister Omotara. I indeed said there’s no problem the other day, because I pray there will be no problem with you.”
He gulped in the saliva in his mouth; he gathered strength to break the news.
“I love you a lot, but I don’t think I can continue this relationship.”
He said finally.

“Sorry!” Tara’s eyes widened, she adjusted on the chair she had sat calmly before.

She felt she didn’t hear him properly. Its same Brother Dennis now, the one that was double sure and convinced that God would have them come together, who took about four months to confirm that it was the will of God for them to marry.

“What did you just say Dennis?” Tara managed to release her sealed lips.

“I said I am sorry, but I can’t continue with the relationship.”

By now he had gathered boldness.

“But I thought you said God spoke to your heart concerning me. I thought you said you were led to me. Was that not what you said after all?” Tara blurted out.

It was like a bang in her heart. She left her gaze on Dennis, who looked away.

Dennis looked more like a different person now, was he not the same Brother that always wanted to speak with her after meetings? The one that glowed at her presence, He looked more like a stranger now.

“I’m sorry, but that’s all I can say for now.” Dennis said.

“Jesus Christ!” Tara screamed.

She jumped on her feet and started to weep.

“You are a very wicked Brother. So you wanted to marry a glorious future alone, you didn’t want to marry my past, isn’t it? Anyway the good judge will reward you, she gathered herself together and left his apartment.”


“You are both welcome.” Pastor Chris said as Omotara and Dennis sat quietly before him.

The Pastor had called to see them before the issue became messy. Omotara was recovering from the shock sooner than expected. Since the relationship was for about few months. She was not yet too committed as such. And now that the relationship was short-lived, she knew she had to move on, it was only a phase she told herself, it would pass.

She only felt bad; she had told her next suitor off.

“Thank you for coming once again.” Pastor Chris said.

The atmosphere in there was very cold, it was one of the few counseling session Pastor Chris didn’t like, but he had to address the situation, it made the office of the Pastor more adventurous.

“I want to thank God for where he started with both of you, may His name be praised.” Pastor started.

He went on to say a lot of things about their relationship.

“Sister Omotara, I must commend that you are a strong lady. If it were some other sisters in Church, they would have made a mess of the whole situation by gossiping around the Church.”

“Brother Dennis, once again I am disappointed in you. Anyway we have to let it go. If your faith is not adequate for this situation, we have to let you off the hook. This is because the devil is going to come back to fight your faith if you go ahead, and now that you are already defeated before the marriage I think we should stop the process.”

“Omotara you know a broken relationship is far better than a broken marriage, right?” The Pastor asked.

“Yes Sir.” She answered in the affirmative.

“Good, please let him go, you can only take a horse to the river, but you cannot force it to drink water. I implore you to let Dennis off the hook. The Almighty will settle you in his timing. Moreover you also need to have a confirmation in your spirit before you enter a relationship.”

Dennis was glad the issue was getting resolved, although he did not express his thought.

“And to you Brother Dennis, you were just interested in the body. Don’t you know you don’t marry bodies? What if there were strange ancestral spirit flowing in her life, that won’t manifest until both of you marry. Most times this ancestral spirit hides in things that you like.”

They sat quietly in there listening with a rapt attention.

“Don’t just marry someone because she is petite, bodies change faster than destiny do. God’s purpose doesn’t need to be easy, but it is always possible, because God is not committed to your comfort, he is only committed to your purpose.”

“So learn to stick to your purpose than comfort. The devil uses comfort to steal away your purpose.”

This was indeed a counseling session; Pastor Chris was well prepared for them both.

He continued. “Brother Dennis, in your relationships you must get to a point of no return, and likewise in marriage. If you have an alternative to your spouse or any other will of God for you, the devil will always push you to that alternative.”

Pastor Chris kept quiet for some minutes, although he wasn’t expecting them to talk.

Then he faced Omotara this time.

“My dear Sister, I have spoken to you before now, I have told you God does not work from your past into your today, rather He works from your future to your today. God does not worry about what you did in your past.”

“Did I tell you about the news I heard lately? About a woman who said she had a vision of heaven, she was taken around Abraham’s records, and the ‘lie Abraham said about Sarah been his sister was not found in Abraham’s record’. Pastor Chris waited for a response to be sure Omotara was alert.

“No you didn’t tell me Sir.” She replied politely.
“Alright then, the woman who had the vision asked the angel that took her around about it, and the angel replied that once Abraham was forgiven, the case file of the sin was removed from his documents.” So you see God forgives us faster than men do.”

“Finally, I want you to move on, don’t let offences hold you back, forgive each other and let it go. Offences are designed by the devil to steal the harvest; it will also remove the covering from your head. Please my brethren don’t let offences make you trip on the road of destiny.”

“One more thing before we end this discussion, but Dennis you told me you prayed about this whole situation, isn’t it?” He asked.
“Yes I did”. He answered.
“So what happened each time you prayed?” The Pastor probed further.
“Nothing in particular, I knew I liked Sister Tara a lot, but Sister Chidinma seems to come around me each time I prayed.” He replied.

“But you never mentioned that in my ears.”
He was surprised Dennis now mentioned Chidinma’s name.
“I’m sorry sir; I only felt she was trying to impose herself on me, so I told her I wouldn’t have anything to do with her.” Dennis answered.

“You did that, instead of praying some more. Not every sister that comes around you are trying to impose themselves on you. Moreover you should understand the devil would do his best so that two will(s) of God don’t get together in marriage, because he understands the danger it would do to his kingdom.”

“Anyway, it is well. I need you to take your time, and pray over it. Don’t try to get across to any of these Sisters until you have received a witness in your spirit. Brother Dennis, I hope you know you are going on suspension from the working force automatically.”

Dennis expected that already, he was not moved at all, what mattered was that he was not going to marry Tara.

“Thank you very much both of you.”

The trio prayed together and Dennis dropped Omotara off.

Dennis apologized for forgiveness, as he drove her home.


It was a month after, Omotara had recovered from the news faster than expected, and she knew it would take the grace of God to find a man who was ready to marry her regardless of her past. She made up her mind to tell every of her suitors, about her past before anybody started to pray about it.

She prayed about the whole situation more. She prayed that God  should bring back Alexander if it was His will.
“Brother Alex, you would be in Sister Tara’s class.” Deacon Anthony announced.

Alexander had eventually made up his mind to become a worker in the Church. He was fixed into Omotara’s class, for his believer’s class, the one he needed to go through to become a worker in God’s Grace Bible Ministries. Alex was quite happy, because everyone wanted to be in the Rabbi’s class. On the other hand he felt a little unhappy because of his advances to her before now.

Anyway he was only carrying out God’s instruction.
“Would you mind if I drop you off?”
 Alexander said as he winds down the window of his car to speak with Tara who was walking home.
Tara felt awkward, because she didn’t want any more of the confusion Dennis had brought to her life. Nevertheless, she didn’t want to start a scene.
“Thank you.” She hopped into the car.
Alex drove a little away from the Church premises before he raised the discussion.
“Did you bother to pray about what I asked you for the other day?”
“Yes I did.” Tara replied.
“But you didn’t get back to me.” He continued.
“I’m sorry I didn’t. It’s just that I have some complications.”
Tara knew this was always the hardest part of such discussion until God found a place for her in a man’s heart at last.
“Complications?” Alexander repeated.
It was exactly what God called it.
“Yes” she answered; she was scared the story was going down the same way.
Alexander dropped the bombshell.
“I don’t care what complications you have, that was what God told me, and it has kept me back for years now.”
They were both seated in the car, that was now parked somewhere along the road, close to Tara’s house.
Tara tried to mutter a few words from her mouth. Maybe Alex did not have an idea of what she meant; she felt he was trying to act spiritual.
“I had an abortion.” She said. This time there were no tears, she was going to say it all. If Alexander was going to change his mind, the earlier the better.
“She told him the remaining part of the story as fast as possible.
The next line that came from Alex shocked her to the marrow.
“Is that all?” He asked with no sense of remorse.
“Did you just say that?” Tara’s eyes brightened.
“But did you hear all I said clearly?” She asked still amazed.
“Yes, I did, can we marry this weekend then if that’s all.” Alex declared.

Tara laughed. “You must be joking!”

She knew this was probably going to be the bone of her bone, because it required a spirit filled man not to raise an eyebrow at such situation.

They both submitted themselves for counseling. Pastor Chris, who was glad to receive the news, spoke to them through and through. He told them, their marriage should be a divine project. They shouldn’t compare themselves to others. He reminded them that the devil’s tests are designed to destroy man, while God’s tests are designed to lift a man higher. More importantly they should reach the point of no return in their relationship.


“Ella I’m going to spank you if you keep me waiting a little more.” Alexander said aloud to three years old Emmanuella, their first child.

God had indeed done the miracle it would take for Tara to conceive. He just needed to do the miracle with the right person He had destined for her.

Ella swallowed her cereal faster as her mother fed her. They were both dressed for the ceremony already.

It was Dennis and Chidinma’s wedding ceremony at God’s Grace Bible Ministries. Dennis had walked his way back to Chidinma. He had to do the imposing, unlike when Chidinma was readily available for him.

Chidinma had agreed to marry her at last.

Meanwhile, Alexander married Omotara the first month of the next year Alex proposed to her.

Omotara hurried up with her bulging belly, and packed the remaining cereal for Ella in her food pack. Ella was Chidinma’s little bride for the ceremony. She needed to join the Bride’s car at her place on time.

Omotara was going to have another baby. Their marriage was close to heaven on earth.

If it is God’s will, then He surely has a plan structured out before hand.

……………..…THE END……………………