Tuesday, 18 June 2013


“Were you not the one that told me God spoke to your heart?? Pastor Chris said aloud.

“Yes, I thought I heard God concerning her, because I admire her a lot.” Dennis replied

“Are you telling me that as spiritual as you are, you don’t have a discerning spirit? Are you saying you can’t differentiate between a feeling and a knowing? Don’t you know when God is giving you an instruction? You stand here and tell me because you admire her. When there are millions of people you will still admire.”

“Brother Dennis I must confess you really disappointed me.”

“Pastor, I am sorry if I disappointed you, but I am very sure I can’t marry her.” Dennis said again.

“Will you have your seat this minute?” Pastor Chris shouted at him, as he was seated while Dennis paced around.

“Were you intending to toy with her heart?”

Moreover you should know better. I asked you to pray about it well enough, but you always run back to tell me you were convinced quickly. Do we say you are confused now? Pastor Chris said on.

“I don’t know Sir. I really love her, just that I wasn’t expecting this from her. Pastor she should have told me. She should have.” Dennis blurted out.

“But she did, if she didn’t how did you know? Pastor asked.

“I mean earlier.” He said almost immediately.

“Brother Dennis I will ask you to go and pray and seek the face of the Lord. Everything seems tense now. I need you to take time out to fast and pray properly. Go and sleep over it. Is that Ok? The Pastor said finally.

“”Yes Sir, I will, but my mind is made up. I am no longer interested in the relationship.” Dennis replied.

They both prayed afterwards and Dennis left the Pastor’s office with a heavy heart.

Pastor Chris knew Tara’s story thoroughly, he knew all about her past, that was why he asked Dennis to pray some more. It was not his position to relay the story to Dennis, but he did his best by asking him to be double sure. But since Dennis said he was convinced, he would not stop Tara from moving on.


“Charles, can you imagine? A barren woman? How on earth could Pastor Chris still insist I go ahead with the relationship?”

Charles sat calmly in the chair in his friend’s apartment.

Dennis had called Charles to come over to his place right away, when he returned from the Pastor’s place. Dennis busted out immediately Charles arrived on how Pastor asked him to continue with the relationship. He narrated all Omotara said to him, her past and everything else. Charles sat quietly for a moment before he could say anything. He also didn’t expect it from Tara, the very polite Sister. He really didn’t know what to advise him.

“Dennis but I thought you said God spoke to your heart about her” Charles said at last, just like the Pastor had said.

“So I thought, because each time her name came to my mind. There was a deep longing for her presence. I always found exceptional joy in my heart anytime I set my eyes on her.” Dennis said.

Charles stared at Dennis intently. He was quite shocked at the whole situation, most especially the things he said now. From Dennis’ words, he knew he was only attracted to her physically. He knew there was no clear instruction from God like Dennis claimed.

Now that the matter had gone this far, when everybody in Church was already aware of their relationship, he just couldn’t advise his friend on anything in particular.

“Dennis I guess you have to continue with the relationship.” Charles said.

“Did you just say that with your mouth?” Dennis screamed.

“Yes I just did, you will have to believe God for a miracle. Moreover who declared her barren? You! Are you God? What makes you think God cannot take your life before the marriage? Or how are you so sure you will have a child even if you married a virgin.” Charles said frantically.

“Bro you don’t need to curse me now. Am your friend here you know?”

“Yes and Omotara is also a Sister. You are going have to apply faith. You just have to step into a higher level of faith concerning this matter. A faith that doesn’t pay attention, to the physical evidences around.”

Dennis flashed a hot gaze at Charles as he dropped the lines. He knew all about the faith talk but it was more difficult to practice now.

“Dennis there is a God of the middle of the road.”

Dennis’ gaze still focused on Charles, why was he turning the discussion to a sermon?

Dennis acted more convinced not to marry her now than he was to propose to her in the first place.

“The God that is present when where you are coming from is so far, that you cannot return, and where you are going is not yet in view.”

Dennis answered almost quickly, “Charles I am not in the middle of the road yet, and I don’t want to get there before I change my mind.”

Charles continued with what Dennis had now termed a sermon.

 “If God really asked you to be in this relationship, then you are already in the middle of the road, so believe God. He is the God that shows up when the storm shows up. Don’t forget that he doesn’t lie, he doesn’t fail, and he can’t change his mind. You just need to activate the potency of your faith, you don’t need to see the whole stairways, just take a step.”

“If you really love her, then don’t bring Thomas’ faith for Abraham’s blessings.” He said referring to the scriptures.

Dennis shouted at once. “Charles are you beginning to preach now?”

“Yes if that’s what you need. I’m scared your faith is very low, with the way you talk as regards this matter, and you may never be able to cross over. I mean have you prayed about it as much as you’ve talked about it?” Charles asked.

“Exactly! My faith is not enough to make me pull through it.” Dennis remarked standing to his feet, as the atmosphere got tenser.

“And do you say that with pride? Anyway, it’s ok; take your time, after all it’s your life.” Charles said finally.

“Now you are talking.” He ended.

Charles was not satisfied with the conclusion, but he couldn’t push him too hard.


“Jasmine tell me it’s not true, tell me you didn’t just say that.” Tell me you are kidding after all.” Alexander blurted out.

He was close to tears, as Jasmine announced that she was not interested in the relationship anymore.

“I’m sorry Alexander, I love you but I can’t continue with the relationship. I am sorry dear. I pray you get a better spouse.” Jasmine said as she walked out of the door of Alexander’s apartment.

It can be very funny when people end a relationship, and they still say they love the person. If you love the person enough, you wouldn’t leave.

Alexander was becoming wearied over his love life. This was his fifth relationship in a row. Every of the four before Jasmine had a different reason to leave him. He showed them all care, love and affection, but wondered what more they wanted.

Then it was Jasmine, he proposed to her like every other ones before her, a few months ago and she had come today to quit the relationship. Five relationships in less than two years.

Alexander attended the same church with Omotara and Dennis, God’s Grace Bible Ministries. Although not a worker in the church, he served God committedly.

God had spoken to him that Omotara would be his wife in destiny, although there would be complications in the beginning, he would pull them through.

But it seemed it was only the word complication he heard in the instruction. He seemed to magnify the complicated part of the instruction than the Promise in the instruction. He neglected the fact that God promised to pull them through. Moreover how could the very committed, Sister Tara marry a less spiritual Brother like himself, he thought.

So he moved on to date his choice ladies, now with five in a row and none seems to work out, he knew God was not going to let the case lie until he carried out his instruction.

He prayed about each of the five relationships he went into, although he did not find peace he still continued. He knew he needed to see the Pastor, but he was of the kind of people that felt the Pastor had enough burdens, to add his to them.

After five relationships down the drain, He knew he had to return to God’s instruction.

He had always been a friend to Omotara, but the fact that he wasn’t a worker reduced their opportunity to relate more. Omotara had implored him to become a worker in the church several times. He was virtually committed and serious with God than some workers. Omotara always called him a non-working worker.

He liked it when Omotara spoke to him, he found peace in his heart when she encouraged him, but the devil had zoomed out the complications God spoke about than God’s promise in the situation

He decided to retrace his steps to the will of God for him. Now that he understands that there is nothing as difficult as what God is not involved in.

He made up his mind not to pursue any more relationship.

He would rather return to what God commanded him rather than stay unmarried.


Alexander did not wait to get too familiar with Omotara, since he felt it was God that had laid it on his mind, that she would be his wife. He felt if it was God, he would complete the assignment.

He was already a master at proposing, five times now, he knew the trick. She had always liked Omotara, she was the in the top ten list of any Brother in the church. Soft spoken, and fervent in the spirit. She had no unnecessary reservations towards nobody. What he liked most was the fact that she related with everyone, Greek, Jew, or Gentile in a polite way. The devil who is a master at distracting men from fulfilling purpose had helped Alexander to waste his time and resources on other Sisters, performing trial and error, which is one of the painful things a serious Christian, can do to himself.

Alexander should have tarried enough with God, to know that if it was God’s instruction, then it becomes God’s case, and the devil cannot work on it at all, but the devil would try to work on him.

Now he was going to do God’s will, whether it would be complicated or God sees him through, his mind was made up.


“Sister Omotara, I will be waiting for you in the children’s church.” Alexander said to her after greeting her and telling her his intention to see her.

It was a Sunday service at God’s Grace Bible Ministries.

Omotara greeted a few people after the service, what was usually referred to as fellowship after fellowship. She had not heard from Dennis ever since that day, but what was more important was that he had said that there was no problem. She hurried to tell Dennis to wait for him, that she wanted to see someone.

“Thanks for acknowledging my call. God bless you ma.” Alexander said as Omotara tried to settle in a plastic chair beside him, in the children hall of God’s Grace Bible ministries.

“You are welcome.” She settled down.

I am just going to go straight to the point.”  Alex adjusted on his chair, although he had done this several times, but each time was a different challenge on its own.

“Thank you that would be better. My fiancé would be waiting for me.”

Alexander was struck by the mention of her fiancé, so she’s engaged already but why wouldn’t God let him be then. He was discouraged, but he wanted to be sure, maybe he didn’t hear properly.

He forged ahead.

“God spoke to me over a year ago that you are his choice for me in marriage, but I didn’t take him serious. Every relationship I tried never worked out. I am sorry that it took me so long. More than that I have always admired you, I have found peace in my heart towards you. Please Omotara, let’s fulfil God’s mandate on earth together. I love you and want you to be my wife.”

Ever since Alexander started yielding to God and began to pray about Tara, her love had suddenly overwhelmed him, it was a short while though, but her love spread like a fragrance.

Alexander sat in there waiting for her to say something. It was not like the popular, usual, romantic approach in a restaurant, with a ring in the guy’s hand, and his knees bowed to the ground. Alex didn’t bring a ring along. He had had enough of that. This time he meant business. It was either she agrees or God finds another way out for him.

Omotara smiled before she uttered a word. She didn’t know that was what he wanted to say, but she knew that there were several Brothers in Church who were always led by the spirit of God to ten Sisters at the same time.

“I’m sorry Brother Alex, I like and admire you, but you have refused to yield to my request from you to become a worker.” She teased.

“More seriously, I would have loved to consider you request, but I am already in a relationship, and our God is not an author of confusion, you know.” She confirmed Alexander’s doubt.

“Oh!” Alexander jolted. He felt confused, but he was sure to have heard her name in his spirit several times.

Now that he had carried out God’s instruction, he felt he was free at last. It was up to God to move in the situation if he wanted them to come together. Although he felt a little embarrassed by the answer he received, but he shook it off.

“Alright then, I think God knows best for both of us. I would love you to pray about it. Once again thanks for granting me audience. Do enjoy the rest of your day.” Alexander stood to his feet.

“Thank you more. I need to run to my fiancé. Bye.”

Alex waited for Omotara to walk ahead. He had carried out his part of the instruction, and now that she is engaged already, God should at least let his next relationship work.

Tara hurried off to look for her love. She reminisced on Alexander as she walked away; she knew there were several confused Brothers in the congregation, receiving several visions at the same time to different sisters, in the same Church, she felt Alexander was one of them.

 Maybe because he had tried out several relationships and they didn’t work out, he thought he could end up with her. Anyway she had played her role of been a polite lady well.

She searched everywhere for Dennis, but he was gone. Dennis had not broken the news to her yet, that he was no longer interested in their relationship, but he had been avoiding her since that day. He felt sooner or later she should understand the distance.

Meanwhile Omotara had held on to his last words, that since God had forgiven her, then that was all. She gave Alexander a NO innocently and politely because of this.


……………………………To be continued………………………………………