Sunday, 21 July 2013

Male And Female He Created Them 2

The break was over, and Mrs. Haastrup never suspected her daughter’s new habit. It was a new session in Greater Heights International College, Rita Haastrup, Feyisola Salem and Foluke Philips were in their final year, while Adebola was in her penultimate.

As the school bi-annual inter-house sports competition was going to hold that term, preparations were on ground, competitions were going to be amongst various hostels. The hostels were identified with the colour of the hostel uniform they wore.

Adebola was going to be part of the march past team for her hostel, she was chosen to act as Queen Aminat.

The day of the inter-house sports competition eventually came after the heat race was done days earlier, Adebola was dressed like a Queen, she wore the kind of apparel that was usually worn by Queen Aminat of Zaria, whom her hostel was named after. Three hostels had marched past the game officials, the school management and other invited guests, there were a number of demonstration as deemed fit by the hostels march past teams, then it was the turn of Queen Aminat hostel. The other girls marched ahead, with the smaller girls in stature arranged in front, dorn in their beautiful gowns, in the colour of their hostel, they carried bouquet of flowers of the same colour in the hands as they cat-walked, while the other girls marched on.

Adebola sat on a horse, she rode majestically behind the girls that were marching, she had a horse-tail in her hand which she swung with grace, she looked very beautiful, the costume fitted her so well although she was not from the Hausa tribe like the patriot she represented, she wore a queenly smile. It was an appealing sight. A few others appeared in like manner, wearing the outfit of the patriots their hostels were named after, one lady wore the outfit of Efunsetan Aniwura, a woman who was a rich famous slave owner in the western part of Nigeria, she held a cane in one hand and a horse-tail in another hand. Another dressed like Moremi Ajasore, the strong woman from the west too and a few others.

Rita stood under the tent allocated to her hostel, she watched with keen interest, as the march past was always the most interesting part of the event, a smile was painted on her lit face when she saw her intimate friend Adebola on the horse,  it was as if she had never seen her before, she was happy she chose her as a partner.

The inter-house sports competition at Greater Heights was always a colourful event as a lot was injected into the day. At the end of the events, Queen Aminat hostel won the march past. The girls from the hostel were so glad as they carried Adebola on their shoulders round the school field, Rita was happy at the sight.

That night Adebola and Rita celebrated with their dirty act, nobody caught them as girls usually tied a piece of material round their bunks in their hostel, what was intended for privacy as now become a source of immoral acts.


“…to build a nation where peace and justice reign.” The girls echoed the last line of the second verse of the national salute. They were arranged on the assembly ground that morning as usual, they held their assembly three times in a week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It was a Monday morning that day, the usual assembly activities were carried out and the principal announced that there disciplinary actions, this was mentioned when a student have been tried over an alleged offence and found guilty. It did not happen on every assembly day, it was seldom, and such student must have faced a disciplinary panel for a number of weeks before she was given a final judgment.

“Abiola Ademola, Helen Kingsley, Foluke Philips and Feyisola Salem. Come out from wherever you are.” The Principal called out. Everyone was shocked at the list, the offenders definitely knew their sins already and so were not surprised like the rests, they had expected to be sanctioned anytime soon. Rita was shocked where she stood at the mention of Foluke’s name, what was their offence, she wondered as the girls stepped out one after the other.

“Walk up faster.” The Principal said.

Everyone watched with keen interest as they awaited the news of their offence, they walked to the principal where she stood on the podium with some other staff of the school.

“These girls have been found in dirty and vile acts.” Mrs. Adaramola, the Principal continued; a very martinet woman.

The students ears itched for the news, they knew they must have obviously been caught in indecent acts before their names were mentioned for disciplinary actions in the first place, they were only interested in the offence as it would become the latest gist in their various hostels right after then.

Rita was more scared as each second ticked, what did Foluke do, not just Foluke but also Feyisola, they couldn’t have been caught stealing, Foluke was from a rich home and she was not a rude girl, to think she was reported by a teacher for insolence.

“These girls were caught in the act of Lesbianism.” Mrs. Adaramola dropped the bombshell. The other girls in the assembly sighed unanimously as it was their custom when an offender was caught and the offences announced, other girls on the assembly were all innocent as far as that time was concerned until they were caught.

Some say nobody is a thief until he is caught.

Rita Haastrup widened her opened mouth, she acted very innocent now. So Foluke and Feyisola had been partners all these while. No wonder she wasn’t angry that their friendship had headed for the rocks.

“Abiola Ademola and Helen Kingsley are hereby expelled from the school.”

Everyone sighed again, how would these girls faced their parents, how would they start the struggle for admission again.

Rita was sad at the punishment that was unleashed, she felt it was going to be the same for her friend since she was convicted of the same offence, because they were going to start their senior school certificate examination soon, what would happen to the years she had spent in the senior school already, since it would be difficult to gain admission into a standard school with an expulsion remark from the former school. She waited for their names to be mentioned.

“While Foluke Philips and Feyisola Salem are suspended from the school for two weeks.”

Rita heaved a sigh of relief, at least it was better than starting all over again, she would catch up when she return.

“Don’t think I am been partial here, Foluke Philips and Feyisola Salem have been given a considerate punishment because they are in their final class and should soon graduate from the college.”

“Each of you is to move down to your hostels, pack your loads and report at my office to collect the exit and a letter for your parent.” Mrs. Adaramola said to the offenders, who ran out of the assembly hall immediately.

“This would serve as a note of warning to everyone involved in such vile acts and every other form of indecency. I will not condone any wrong behavior.” She said aloud with the microphone in her hand.

“Greater Heights International College aim to be the best school in this state, and we would not get anywhere close if these are the kinds of attitude you girls would put up with. We want to produce giants and not frivolous women. How do we have female leaders in our nation, when you girls pollute yourself from your teen age?”

“Anyone caught hence forth would receive serious beatings before eventually expelled from the school.”

The assembly ended on a very cold note because of the disciplinary actions. Rita Hastrup couldn’t sympathize with her friends before she left the school premises; inside the school bus that would drop them at their various houses to be sure they arrived home and delivered the letter from the school management.

Adebola became frightened ever since the last disciplinary action, she started avoiding Rita, but sooner than later they were back in their act because the worm had eaten deep into them, and they had become addicted Rita assured Adebola that they were never going to be caught, they continued their strange romantic love, they used the language of love that was common between male and female. It was more frequent of Rita to tell Adebola ‘I love you’. She believed they were never going to receive a due penalty for their perversion, since they were not committing fornication as that seems to be the only sin that can take a youth to hell apart from lying.

Eventually Rita Haastrup graduated from the secondary school as a lesbian. She was never caught at school, she exchanged romantic gifts with her partner on her valedictory service and passing out party, they shed tears because they were going to be separated for a while. Meanwhile Foluke and Feyisola had stopped the habit since that suspension penalty; their parents had punished them severely. Foluke found out about Rita’s involvement too and warned her to desist from the habit. Rita responded arrogantly, told her it was because she was caught, and said she was way smarter than her to ever be caught. And indeed she scaled through.


Years had rolled by, Rita still kept Adebola’s intimacy, they purposely sought admission in the same university.

They graduated in no time; Pastor (Mrs.) Haastrup started speaking to her about marriage, that she couldn’t remain unmarried all her life. Rita took the advice although her heart was still entangled to Adebola, who was also a graduate by that time.

Rita married Richard Reynolds, the Chief Executive Officer of RichRey Group of Companies. Richard was a committed believer. He loved Rita a lot because she was beautiful and polite and even loved her more because she found her a virgin, which earned her his respect and trust. He felt she was an innocent girl. He didn’t know she was almost worse than a defiled girl.

Rita lived in peace with her un-suspecting husband, although she still kept her relationship with Adebola who was still unmarried. They were already addicted to the act, since they were very smart, and nobody found out, hence they never received any form of chastisement.

Richard Reynolds didn’t have to struggle with his wife against strange men in their home, she hardly kept male company. Rita definitely knew she was growing older and wouldn’t want to start child bearing in such dirty act, but the devil had stolen her conscience, with nine years as a lesbian, she was a master at the tricks. They practiced their evil habit mostly at Adebola’s house since she was still single and lived alone in her apartment. Rita was not always sexually satisfied with her husband until she received arousal from Adebola. Richard complained a number of times about her attitude in bed, but she would always apologize. Richard quickly dismissed the issue since he was double sure she wasn’t committing adultery.

Then that fateful day, Richard had returned from work earlier than usual, he had very little paper work to attend to at the office, so he returned home after picking some gifts for Rita at the store.

He drove into the compound, parked in the parking lot and walked to the main door right away, opened the door with his own keys to ensure the surprise was indeed complete, but by the time he opened the door, the sight that welcomed him was more than a surprise.

.........................To be continued.....................