Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Male And Female He Created Them (A story)

As the bell for lunch rang, students were packing their bags and running towards the dining hall. Rita Haastrup waited for her friend who still had her bag to pack; Foluke Philips hurriedly zipped her bag and ran to the next class as usual to call her intimate friend; Feyisola. Rita dashed out of the class after Foluke, by the time she got to the corridor of their classroom, Foluke had disappeared into the thin air.

“Foluke! Foluke! ” She called out.

Foluke Philips stepped out of the next class with her arms linked through Feyisola’s.

“Where are you coming from?” Rita frowned although she knew the answer.

“I’m sorry, but I had to get Feyisola, you know I can’t leave without her.” Foluke gave her excuse.

“I see, but you should have told me before you left the classroom, you know I was waiting for you back there, moreover you know we are close to missing our lunch.” Rita said has the trio walked down to the dining hall.

“I said I am sorry, I guess you are only acting this way because you want to get a bigger fish.”Foluke chuckled. “And is that not enough reason? At least I paid for it.” Rita walked a little faster.

Feyisola spoke now, “its ok Rita, we are sorry we kept you waiting, we are here now.”

They entered the dining hall in a file.

Foluke Philips, Feyisola Salem and Rita Haastrup were in their second year in the senior secondary school at Greater Heights International College, the school which was for only-girls operated a full boarding system,  from junior secondary classes to senior classes, a big school yet an average man in the society could afford to enroll his child there. There were five major hostels in the school for students; students were fixed in any of these hostels randomly with no special consideration.

Foluke Philips was in Efunsetan Aniwura Hostel with Feyisola while Rita Haastrup was in Moremi Ajasore Hostel very close to Feyi’s Hostel. Each of the hostels was named after famous patriots in Nigeria.

“I did not really enjoy the lunch we were served today.” Rita started the discussion as they walked out of the dining hall.

“Me too, I don’t know what went wrong with the cooks today, the salt in the food was insufficient.” Foluke replied.

“It should be better in the evening; at least they’ve always served us good meals, so, let’s trust their hands and not condemn them right away.” Feyisola said.

“Rita please we have to return to class, Feyisola forgot something back there, I will check on you in your dormitory before prep time.” Foluke announced.

“Oh, ok no problem, see you later.” She replied. The distance from the hostels to classrooms was quite far.

Rita was getting tired of Foluke’s incessant excuse to keep away from her, and the intimacy between herself and Feyisola. Rita and Foluke have been friends since their first day in Greater Heights; they were very close until Feyisola transferred to the school in S.S.S. 1 when they moved to senior school. Rita and Foluke were in the same class, while Feyi was in another arm. Rita felt Foluke had withdrawn from her because of Feyi, she no longer gave her so much attention since she showed up, Foluke couldn’t say two lines without mentioning Feyi.

She decided to get another friend.


It’s been three weeks now, Rita reduced the attention she gave Foluke.

Rita sighted the young girl coming towards their classroom, it was during prep period, it usually held between 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Adebola stood outside S.S.S. 2A classroom and seek permission to enter, because she was in a junior class to theirs.

“I want to see Tomilayo.” Adebola said from the door.

“Come in.” The girl closest to the entrance replied.

Adebola walked to Tomilayo’s desk and dropped the note she was sent with.

Rita liked her stature; she was a typical ‘figure eight’. She swayed her hips gently as she walked out of the classroom after delivering the message.

Small notes were the means of communication since the use of cell phone are prohibited.

Rita decided to make enquiries about the pretty girl, she found out she was her immediate junior, Adebola Ademusire was her name, she was the second best student in her class, and she seemed to have a good profile to Rita.


Adebola sat on her bed in Queen Aminat hostel; she opened the small piece of paper a junior girl had come to deliver, she read quietly.

“I have noticed you around for a while, you are very pretty, decent and neat, I like your sense of esteem. Please can we be intimate friends? I await your quick response. Rita Haastrup S.S.S. 2B

Adebola was surprised at the strange invitation to friendship. Anyway it wouldn’t cost her anything to be friends with a senior student, it would only help her academics since she was ahead of her, but she felt the idea of an invitation was weird. Close friendship was not a strange thing in the school, since it was a boarding school, everyone found someone to attach themselves with because they spent most of their time in school. There were seniors who took responsibility of junior students, such seniors were usually regarded as school mothers, they helped the junior ones to wash some of their clothes and monitor them while in school. But she knew Rita could not intend to be her school mother since they were not far apart in class.

Adebola sent her reply, she didn’t object.

By the time the term was running to an end, Foluke and Rita’s friendship was already headed for the rock, they hardly walked together, no one visited the other like before and they both didn’t think they had an axe to grind.

Rita was mostly in company of Adebola, their proximity reached its peak and they threw caution in to the wind, in the space of weeks they had started kissing and caressing each other, they became lesbians, doing all the evil they could with their bodies. Their locations varied from Rita’s bed to Adebola hostel, whichever location was available.

Lesbianism was becoming rampant in the school due to the spread of phonographic magazines and masturbation.

The term ended well, as they were promoted to their respective classes, by then Rita Haastrup and Adebola had succeeded in breaking every wall of morals around them.

During the break, Rita and Adebola were always communicating. They spoke to each other over the phone at intervals, there seem to be no end to their shameful act, they had exchange natural longing for men for inordinate ones.

Pastor (Mrs.) Haastrup didn’t raise an eyebrow, she was not even aware that anything was going wrong, since her daughter didn’t bring home male visitors, she felt the discipline Rita was given while she grew up as a pastor’s child was enough to uphold her in the secondary school, it was because she didn’t want her to be polluted by sexual vices with men that she enrolled her in a girls-only school. Like Mrs. Haastrup wished, her daughter was not polluted by men; rather she polluted herself with the same sex. She didn’t understand that keeping a girl child away from men was not enough to keep her pure, but imbibing in her godly principle for purity.

Rita and Adebola carried on with the act during the holiday afterall their parents were not usually at home and they felt secured in the fact that they couldn’t get pregnant from the act.
Rita was a member of the Choir unit in her Father's church, she still led praises, she didn't feel she was committing any sin as she heard from an outspoken lesbian in the United States that lesbians were born that way and being a lesbian was a genetic condition.

..................................To be continued...........................