Friday, 10 January 2014

Amazing Love(the concluding part)

It's been months since Charles Olatona became aware of his wife's status, he still struggled to swallow the bitter pill, the Pastor had stepped into the matter all the way he fixed counselling sessions for the couple and at other times each of them had to face the counselling team individually.

It seemed to be the toughest assignment of Charles entire life to forgive Olamiposi of this sin, nevertheless he gradually limped over it, he had reduced his business trips drastically. The Pastor told him it was one of the reasons his home had experienced a setback. Although he managed to admit, he excused that he was hoping for a peaceful marriage since he married a godly woman in the first place. Nevertheless he could not deny the fact that a lot had gone wrong in his home since he picked up this high paying job.

The more Olamiposi belly bulged out the more Charles despised the sight, he did not touch her most times, if he wasn't sure of anything he was sure he wasn't called to be another Hosea like the one in the bible. Olamiposi apologised everyday, Charles woke up each morning to read her apology messages on his phone for months.

One of the days during this period, when Charles suddenly got upset with her, Olamiposi moved to him, knelt at his feet and said amidst tears, "Charles please divorce me," she sobbed. “I know I have hurt you to the bones, I have personally torn your fabric of love and trust in this marriage, let me go, so you can start afresh, I will gladly indicate that I demanded for a divorce. Let me relieve you of these pain I have single-handedly caused you for years." She said, “let the consequences be upon me, you have remained faithful and loyal everyday of this marriage, I cannot deny your un-ending love for me." She said.

At her words, every wall of defence in Charles became low, Charles hated divorce with everything in him, it appeared like it was the only part of the scriptures that was inscribed in his heart. Once she was through with her words, Charles would stare deeply into her eyes and walk away.

Just as Charles was still struggling with the current state in his home, his family showed up, they were fully aware of his wife's scandalous ways, they had called for a family meeting once, Charles' family had faced Olamiposi's and Olamiposi's family had apologized on behalf of their daughter and promised she was going to change for better.

When news reached them again about Olamiposi's strange pregnancy, every member of the Olatona's family flared up, Olamiposi's family also hated what there daughter had done, Charles' relatives demanded for a divorce, and as a result a meeting was scheduled at Charles Olatona's home, he disagreed to have a meeting concerning the matter and simply informed his family he wasn't interested.

The Olatona's simply turned deaf ears and arranged a meeting on a day they were sure the couple would definitely be at home.


Eventually the meeting was held at Charles' home, since he couldn't return them at the door. Once the two families were settled in there seats, Olamiposi walked around the living room with her bulging belly to greet them all, the Olatona's screamed at her to leave their sight at once. She swallowed the hatred. A prayer was said and the meeting kicked off Charles was given a separate seat in between the two families, Olamiposi was not allowed to be in view as what she did was considered despicable.

Olamiposi's family took the opening formalities and greeted their in-laws once again. The most elderly one representing the Olatona's family started to speak at once. “Good day our in-laws, thank you for coming all the way, if you didn't show up we couldnt have dragged you from your home anyway," he paused. Someone among the Olatona's family who didn't like the calm way their Older Uncle spoke muttered beneath her breath, "we would have dragged there daughter out instead." The rest of the Olatona's family didn't like the way he took the matter like a dose of salt, we have not come for a peaceful alliance they thought.

They didn't know he was more bitter than they thought, he continued two speak after inhaling a deep breath, “we are sure a good number of you here were present when we received your daughter into this family, and that's why we have requested that you be present now that we are returning your daughter to you, your daughter has rubbed our family name in the mud enough, she has delved into things that are damn ugly. We have tried to make it honourable as much as possible and so we kindly crave your indulgence that you also don't make it a rough one."

Charles flashed his uncle a hot gaze, how could he speak on his behalf, was it supposed to be a valedictory speech or something? He kept mute to avoid been seen as disrespectful.

Just then one of Olamiposi's relative spoke, "we are deeply sorry Sirs and Ma's, for the pain we have caused your entire family, but we do not think divorce is the best..." Just then a woman from the Olatona's family stole the line, "divorce is not the best what!!!" She stood to her feet at once.

You didn't tell us you gave us a harlot instead of a wife, you gave us an adultery ace when we came to your home," she kept haranguing. “First, she started off with behaviours that were as ugly as sin, we condoned it, now she went as far as getting pregnant for an Alhaji, is that not the height of it? I ask of you, if one of your sons were married to such a dirty woman would you allow the same? Oh, is it because we did not drag your daughter out with her belongings once we arrived here? Oh because we are still behaving like we are all in a utopia society???" Just then the Older Uncle calmed her, “enough! Let me take the lead here is that OK?" She sat at once.

Olamiposi who eavesdropped from the kitchen sat in there, soaked in tears, her eyes were swollen by now, she knew even an unbeliever would not take what she did, she waited to hear her husband's voice.

Charles sat still in the chair he was given, and followed with his eyes the big wall clock that ticked. When the tension seemed to have reduced in the living room, Charles spoke, “thank you my Fathers and Mothers, thank you more for your interest in our well-being. Please I kindly ask that you excuse me for five minutes and I will be back here with you. “No problem, don't take long," his Uncle said.

Charles walked out of the living room immediately, and entered the kitchen, he knew that was where Olamiposi would be sitting. He pulled her out and they headed for the stairs at once. They entered their bedroom, this was one of the things that had kept them going, they shared the same room every day of their marriage. Charles believed it was inappropriate for couples to use separate rooms, and felt no reason was genuine enough to justify it, he had counselled couples on the same matter severally.

Charles shut the door behind them as they entered and pulled his wife  to the mattress. “Olamposi Jesudarasimi, the only woman I have asked her hand in marriage in heaven and here on earth, God being my witness today," he pulled her face into his hands and stared into them deeply.

“I know you have heard with your own ears all they have been saying out there, and I guess you have swallowed what everyone out there have said about you," he paused and continued almost immediately. “But you know what, Love is a decision, it's for you and I to decide, so I ask you dear, Do you want to make this marriage work??? Do you desire that we continue to live as husband and wife? I have forgiven you, and I will take this baby as mine, but you have to promise me your commitment to this marriage. Charles pulled her face closer and looked into them as if the answers were in there.

Olamiposi muttered after a while, “I promise," she said solemnly, “do you mean it?” “Yes I do." “Okay, so we are not having a divorce right??? We are in this marriage to stay and we will build a Christian home from hence forth." Charles stood up, sealed his words with a kiss and walked out of the bedroom. Olamiposi followed him and stopped on the stairs where she watched him return to his seat in the living room.

A lot of ranting was already going on in the living room when Charles walked in there, but the noise subsided when he cleared his throat to gain their attention. He stood to his feet almost immediately, Olamiposi scanned his masculine body from head to toe, he appeared more handsome after all, maybe she had stop paying attention to the handsome man he married, Charles was a well built man, he wore the traditional attire of the Yorubas this particular day.

“Thank you once again," Charles said, “I am indeed grateful for sparing time  for me," Olamiposi watched him as he spoke, he picked his words carefully with proper diction, “I miss my loving friend," Posi muttered beneath her breath.

Charles walked away from his seat a bit and continued to speak, “I will like to inform you our families that we are not having a divorce, we took an oath for better for worse, and we just think this could only be the worst times we were referring to, thank you for everything, we will love to remain in this marriage together." He said finally.

Olamiposi closed her eyes for a moment where she stood on the stairs, it appeared like a day dream, Charles was a strong man and a Man of God indeed, she thought. She opened her eyes to realise a ranchor had started in the living room as each of them walked out of their living room one after another. It was Olamiposi's relative that moved out first in a file.

Some of Charles uncles and aunts shouted above their voices, “make sure you don't call us when she eventually kill you, because we will not come here then. “Stupid boy, he has gone to consult her bewitched wife before coming to talk to us," another said aloud as they reached for the door.

Charles did not shift ground neither did he say a word until the last person stepped out, once the noise was reduced, he walked to the door, slammed it and returned into the living room. He saw Olamiposi where she stood on the stairs, he fixed his gaze on her from afar, just then Olamiposi muttered with only her lips shaking, “THANK YOU."

..................................THE END.........................