Saturday, 21 December 2013

Amazing Love 3

Charles walked around the living room angrily, he fumed over the whole issue, “God what exactly did I do wrong??? What??? I have served you with everything in me! I have made you the umbrage of my life, but your words says, ‘the path of the righteous is as a shining light that shines more and more’ Lord my path have been filled with thorns all along,” he had started to sob now.

“Just tell me Lord, where exactly was the loophole the devil found out in my home? God where did I miss you along the line, when did I give the enemy a tenancy permit in my home,” tears drifted down his cheeks. “I cannot even face my destiny with full vigour, I have wasted so much strength on frivolities, everything seemed messed up now. God I have failed as a Deacon over my own home let alone the church.” He slouched into one of the couches in the living room.

“Father please show me the loophole the enemy found and I promise I will block it, I am simply fed up, your word says Moses gave them divorce as an option because of the hardening of their hearts but it wasn’t so from the beginning.” Confusion was expressed all over his face, he swept the large room with his gaze, but his heart seemed to be far away, he was lost in his thoughts.

“Lord Jesus, Olamiposi has pushed me to the verge of divorce, but I don’t want to throw in the towel, I don’t want the devil to eventually have the last say, please Lord, please...” his eyes were red by now, just then he had a noise from the door, it was Folafunmi and Olamiposi, Folafunmi had been discharged from the hospital.

Olamiposi shut the door behind her and walked quietly to her husband, Folafunmi only walked upstairs to her room, leaving the duo to grind their axe.

Folafunmi had narrated her ordeal to her mother, Olamiposi felt terribly sad, she blamed herself for everything that had happened to her and apologized seriously. Just as she got to the couch Charles was seated, she fell on her knees right in front of him, she knew this time she didn’t have the right words, none were suitable.

She buried her head, grabbed his two legs and started to cry profusely, she did not utter a word, she just continued to cry. Charles shook his head severally, he also did not know the words to use, he was filled with misery, after a while he spoke at last amidst tears, “Olamiposi I cannot figure out what exactly happened, I cannot lay my hands on it, but I am sure of one thing, either of us have opened an entrance for demonic and negative flows in this house, and we have got to seal that opening!!!” Just as he ended the line, he stood to his feet abruptly and walked out of the living room, Olamiposi jerked, sat on the bare floor and cried louder, the situation seemed to appear more real to her now, she rolled on the floor severally, weeping loudly.

Charles’ words seemed to register loudly in her heart, all of the atrocities she had committed for years now gained more meaning to her, suddenly she stopped to cry, and laid there, in a jiffy she seemed to be in a trance, she saw a man in a complete black attire pulling her towards a heated furnace, while she was in shackles and screamed to be free and just like it moved into reality. She started to shout all over the living room, “Lord Jesus I am sorry! I will desist from it, I will!!! Let me not perish, please, save my soul. Let the devil not have me please…”


Ever since Olamiposi’s personal experience, there seemed to be a significant change. It’s been weeks after the sad event, Charles noticed the change, nevertheless he still doubted if it was genuine, even though her incessant calls had reduced, he still believed they were all acted scripts. Olamiposi avoided everything Charles could take umbrage at, although she wished to apologize to him personally, she knew he was not going to believe her anyway. Charles watched her through her changing period, he was not sure of what she was up to.

Folafunmi was still at home with them so as to get over the shock she was forced to experience. Charles spent more time with his daughter than his wife, he counseled her severally, he advised her not to see men as devils because of the sad experience, he helped her all through the subsequent months and surrounded her with so much love that the experience seemed to fade faster.

Charles who was still surprised at Olamiposi’s new development was more perplexed when the Pastor asked to see him after the service on a Sunday with his wife, it had been long since he witnessed such a seating. Most of the Sundays, Olamiposi had one excuse or the other to give.

“God bless you Deacon Olatona,” the Pastor said. “Thank you Sir,” Charles bowed while Olamiposi curtseyed. “I know all you have been going through in your home and I am sorry you had to go through those tough times,” Charles looked around, he wondered what the Pastor meant, if only he knew that Folafunmi was raped due to Posi’s carelessness, maybe he would have understood better what he was facing.

He kept quiet and listened attentively; just then the Pastor answered the very question in his mind. “Your wife has told me all about the recent happenings in your home, and she has submitted herself for a consecration process, she will have to resume the Deliverance clinic and go through some trainings too. Some Pastor will also be assigned to her case.”

Charles inhaled a deep breath, his belly tingled at the sound of the Pastor’s words, it appeared like he was in a trance, but it couldn’t be more real than it was, ‘Olamiposi asked for a consecration process?’ he muttered beneath his breath, it was like drums were rolled out in his ears, this must be God at work.

The Pastor continued to speak, “Deacon Olatona, I have called you more importantly because I want you to stick with her throughout the process. We should give God the glory for this new development,” he paused and continued to speak almost immediately. “Don’t forget the part of the scriptures that says, ‘If you faint in the days of adversity, your strength is small,’ that is why I want you to fight the devil all the way. The battle is almost over and victory will yours in Jesus name.”

Just as the Pastor dismissed them, Charles looked into Posi’s eyes intermittently as they walked out of the church, Posi who had kept quiet all through the conversation walked behind her husband quietly as they walked to their car.                  


Charles was glad about the new development, he was now sure than ever that God had visited his home, he never raised any of the past issue with Posi, he refused to harangue about the whole incidence, and just let things be. Olamiposi requested for due permission each time she was going for her deliverance clinic, she would call when she arrived at the church and when she was leaving too. She gave details of her movement to regain his trust although it was difficult for her at first, but it appeared like a greater hand was involved.

Charles was amazed at the radical change, he was so impressed, and felt God had even answered his prayers more than he had expected, but only concluded by reminding himself that God doesn’t answer men at their levels but at His level, nevertheless he didn’t relent in his prayers.


Just as Charles was beginning to enjoy his new home there came the big bang. Olamiposi who had been faithful to her deliverance classes, and all other necessary trainings she had to undergo, started noticing a change in her body system, she had felt something was wrong at first, but she didn’t budge because she had not had sex with her husband for months now, it had been one fight or the other.

Sooner than later she became aware of the changes than before, she decided to go for a test to clear her doubts, and there the doctor  confirmed she was eleven weeks pregnant, she left the hospital confused. She knew Charles was definitely not responsible for the pregnancy, except he raped her during those weeks, when their home was tensed, but she was sure he couldn’t have done such; she had been conversant with Alhaji Yakubu lately.

For days she was disturbed about the latest development, her heart was heavy most of the times, Charles noticed the weariness expressed in her attitude, he expressed concern a lot of times, especially now that she was beginning to revive his love for her, he had started enjoying the utopia atmosphere in his home.

Amidst the whole confusion, Olamiposi finally decided on how to tell her husband the sad news, she knew it would come to him as a big blow and cut him deep, but she couldn’t help keep such dangerous secret, God had began to work deeply on her heart, she was not ready to be bound by the enemy by such secret.


It was in the night that particular day, Charles and Posi were both turned on that very night, moreover the Pastor had permitted him to have intercourse with his wife days ago because she was fast improving in the deliverance clinic. Posi had just finished taking her bath that night and wore a lingerie-like night gown.

Charles was already laid on the bed, he turned around and looked towards the bathroom, immediately he set his eyes on his wife, it appeared like he had never seen a woman all his life, Posi had starved him of sex for months now, every night for months recently have been spent settling one quarrel or the other. As Posi walked towards him he twinkled, there was a tingling in his belly, he sat upright immediately, it was not too late into the night, and it didn’t even matter.

Charles muttered as he stretched his hands towards her, “Olamiposi Jesudarasimi, I missed you, where have you been all these months?” He looked deep into her eyes as she joined him on the bed. Just as Posi moved into his embrace and they started to kiss deeply, a phone rang, it was Charles’.

Posi did not expect to turn him on that particular night, she had watched her steps around him lately, but since her husband demanded it, she was not going to budge.

“Good evening Sir,” Charles responded the Pastor, that was the main reason he had the picked the call at such a time, the Pastor had decided to call at such a time so that the couple could discuss it into the night and sleep over it, but he didn’t know he had called at such a sensitive time, just as the Pastor relayed the news to Charles over the phone, his facial expression changed, Olamiposi got the message, she adjusted on the bed.

The words were like a bang in his ears, “Posi is pregnant for an Alhaji!!!” he said to be sure he heard the right words. He didn’t know how exactly he ended the call, he just knew the phone dropped on the bed, he sat in the bed staring at Posi, his gaze was fixed on her. All the mutual feeling for sex had suddenly disappeared into the thin air, “POSI!!! PREGNANT!!! ALHAJI!!!” this were the only words he could utter, it appeared like something sweet had suddenly turned bitter in his mouth.


……………………To be continued………………………