Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A Rule of Love(The concluding part)

“I Chinelo Onyeka take you, Othuya Lawson to be my Husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death according to God’s holy law, this is my solemn vow.”

The Minister read on the next line to the couples who were been joined in holy matrimony, Chinelo eventually agreed to marry Othuya, she considered a number of things and decided it was the right thing to do, she was out of the University, she had completed the mandatory National Youth Service programme, and sooner than later everyone would start asking for a wedding invitation, moreover where would she start from, she also thought on the cliché, “the devil you know is better than the angel you do not know.”

The wedding ceremony was held in Lagos where Chinelo’s Parent resided. Chinelo and Othuya dragged a number of issues between themselves during the wedding preparation; Othuya insisted that drums should not be played both at the Church and during the reception; Chinelo declined and insisted that she was not holding a burial ceremony and would not have a mournful event; Othuya also wanted a small-sized wedding. Chinelo wanted a combination of bright colours, but Othuya disagreed, her wedding dress had to be long sleeves with no elaborate tail, less make-ups and a number of other things, Chinelo made more compromise than she had bargained for.

At the end of the wedding ceremony, the couple moved over to the hotel room that had been booked for them earlier on. As they walked past the reception to retrieve their key, they received a number of glances, “Congratulations!” the receptionist said with a wide grin as she handed Othuya the keys.

“Thank you,” he returned with a broad smile. As they walked up the stairs, Othuya helped Chinelo with the below part of her wedding dress, although the couple were tired, Chinelo still sashayed along the walkway that led to their room.

Chinelo placed her hand on Othuyas’ has he pressed the door knob, the door knob tinged, she looked deeply into his eyes as if she sought for an answer, she shuddered, this was the night she had been anticipating, they had both married as virgins, this was one major thing that impressed Othuya about her, as flaunting and over civilized as she appeared, she still had her hymen intact, this was why Othuya would not let her go despite the dichotomy in their backgrounds, he felt any lady who was able to keep her laps knitted together for over twenty-five years of her life deserves a medal. Virginity topped the list of his pre-requisite for a wife and once he found out while they discussed at the early stage of their relationship, he held on no matter what.

Othuya returned a slight nod as to re-assure her of his promise, a tinge of fear was painted on her face. He led her into the room quietly, and shut the door behind them; the best man had brought the necessary items to the hotel room earlier before they arrived. Immediately they pulled off their foot wears, Othuya started to lead a number of praises, Chinelo chorused along, thanking God for the beginning of a new journey. After an hour of singing praises and leading prayers, Othuya asked that they shared the grace; that was when he realized that Chinelo was fast asleep; since they knelt by the bedside.

Othuya was perplexed, how she could sleep off just in one hour of prayer, he said the grace alone, stood up and left her for some minutes, he removed his clothes and went into the bathroom to take a shower. By the time he returned into the bedroom with short knickers on and a towel around his neck, Chinelo was still deeply asleep.

He tapped, Chinelo did not budge, he bent down to the ear Chinelo raised to the ceiling and shouted. “In Jesus Name we have prayed!”
Suddenly Chinelo jerked and shouted “Amen!"She rubbed her face roughly and tried to gather herself as she stood to her feet still in her wedding dress, she slipped a bit, Othuya quickly stretched out a hand to help.

“So you are still saying your own prayers right???" Othuya said laughingly, by now Chinelo was alert; she noticed Othuya had changed into a round neck with a short, “what happened?" She stuttered. “I thought you were still communing with God so I felt I shouldn't interrupt the flow," he giggled. Now Chinelo understood what was going.

She sat on the bed, and adjusted such that her back was facing Othuya. “Help me untie the dress," “Huhn?" Othuya stared, “help me with my dress, since you left me on my knees and went ahead to shower alone." Othuya's eyes bulged as if they were going to fall out of their sockets. Suddenly, the part of the bible that says, “they were naked and they were not ashamed sprang up in his head.

Gently he moved his hand to her back; he moved them a little below her waist to find where the fabric that held the dress together was tucked in, as he began to untie the rope, Chinelo smiled.
She sat still until Othuya finished up and the tube like wedding dress which was pulled on a white long sleeve blouse fell apart.

Chinelo stood up gently, and stepped out of the wedding gown calmly; she tried to pull off the blouse, and finally managed to extricate herself from the tight blouse. Othuya stared with mouth opened wide, her perfectly carved hips stood right before him; in the exact shape they were created, indeed she was pulchritudinous. Once she was done with the wedding dress, she pulled off her under wears, “let me take a shower, I will join you shortly." Othuya's eyes followed her to the bathroom, it appeared like a cat got his tongue .

At the sound of the bathroom door, Othuya jerked. “Blood of Jesus!" He said silently, was this what all women looked like?" He thought. He was beginning to feel shy, ‘how on earth I am expected to react,' he said to himself, their counselor did not stress this part of the holy matrimony.
He decided to sleep off sooner; he quickly ducked under the duvet.

Once Chinelo was done, she wore the lingerie she had specially selected for that night, she swept the room with her gaze, only to find her beloved hubby hitting the sack, was he going to stab her plan for her wedding night, she moved over to the bedside, and planted a kiss on his cheek, Othuya who feigned a deep sleep just lay in there silently.

Chinelo climbed the bed and gently ducked under the quilt, although she wished for their marriage be consummated that night, but since her husband was asleep, she wasn’t going to rape him anyway, she glanced at him once more before she also hit the sack.

Five Hours Later…

Suddenly, there was a loud noise, it was Chinelo that woke up first, she looked around, the noise echoed again, this time Othuya woke up, it thundered continually, it was going to rain, and they hurriedly pulled the curtain across the window.

As they returned back to the bed, Chinelo looked straight into his eyes, “why did you sleep off before I returned from the bathroom? Anyway I will not let this night pass without breaking the covenant.” She said sounding more alert.

Flustered, Othuya shivered a bit, Chinelo culled up in his arms, he just noticed the lingerie, he had to frame an excuse, “so you could fall asleep during prayers, but you are so alert when it is time for breaking the covenant?” Chinelo giggled slightly, but she did not take it as a barb. “I was seriously fagged out, with the heels and the dancing, you should understand,” she answered.

Othuya adjusted her body that was leaned on his’, “I am tired too dear, let us rest for tonight, we will get something to break the covenant tomorrow,” he said and adjusted back to sleep properly.


Six months into their marriage, Othuya began to have serious problems with his wife, she was an eager beaver, especially now that she was gainfully employed, Othuya noticed she barely spent quality time for devotion in the morning, despite how tired she feels later in the night, she would still be all out with amorous suggestions.

Within thirteen months of their marriage, Othuya could not bear it anymore, Chinelo refused to submit to the doctrines of his Church and attended a different church, Othuya complained that she was already satisfied with everything she’s got and insisted that there was no need for her to dress provocatively.

Sooner than later, resentment began to set in, the beauty Othuya found in her at the beginning seemed to fade away faster, Othuya thought she would adjust at first, but it became more difficult by the day, their values did not seem to marry after thirteen months, Chinelo insisted she had to wear trousers to her work place because of the nature of her job, while Othuya felt trousers for a female was the height of indecency.


Several months later, Othuya suddenly began to perceive the call of God upon his life, he knew it was stronger than something he could resist, he went through the bible school and was ordained, and was moved to another branch of the Church in the state capital. Chinelo attended his Ordination service, His wife was his major challenge all through the tedious times, Othuya stopped giving her details of his spiritual dealings especially matters pertaining to his church, as he felt she was not spiritual enough to be trusted with such details, Chinelo who was also a little carefree, did not bother so much about the details after congratulating him on his ordination.

Sooner than later, Othuya became weary of their union, the duo hardly reached an agreement on any matter relating to spiritual activities even if they managed to discuss it.

Othuya’s Church members spread the grapevine that their Assistant Pastor’s Wife was an unbeliever as they rarely see her in church, Othuya who could not help curb the grapevine swallowed it.

When Othuya could barely bear it anymore, he informed the Senior Pastor who had always asked of his wife too, the Senior Pastor suggested that Mrs. Lawson needed deliverance and told her husband to invite her to Church for a deliverance session.


“After dinner that evening, as Chinelo cleared the table, Othuya gathered the courage to raise the matter.

“Dear,” he started to say.
“Yes,” she answered without looking directly at him, as she moved the tray into the kitchen one after another.

Othuya waited for her to return to the living room before he continued.
“There is a programme in Church I will like to invite you for,” he said, he knew the mention of deliverance would discourage her, as she believed it was an archaic subject.

“Ok, when exactly is the programme?” she settled on one of the couch in the living room, although Chinelo was not a member of his church, she still honored his invitation seldom, especially when it required their appearance as a couple.  

“Saturday precisely, 10.am there about,” he answered. Chinelo kept mute for a short while, hummed slightly and answered in the affirmative. Although Othuya noticed a flicker of hesitation, he disregarded it.
Chinelo drove into the Church compound, she was a little behind schedule, she entered into the Church Auditorium hurriedly, to find only the Older Pastor and her husband, Chinelo checked the watch strapped to her wrist swiftly to confirm if she was not making a mistake, the time was half past ten. Chinelo waited a while to see if other people will join soon, the service had commenced with prayers.

Minutes into the Prayer Session, the Senior Pastor tapped Chinelo and asked her to come forward, suddenly, the older Pastor placed his right hand on her fore head, and started to say loud prayers, by now Othuya stood beside his wife.

Immediately Chinelo felt a hand on her head, she stepped back suddenly. “I beg your pardon! What are you trying to do?” she opened her eyes wide. Didn’t your husband tell you about the deliverance session we are to have today?” he asked.

“Deliverance…what???” Who is possessed in the first place???” By now Othuya was confused. “Do you mean this is the programme you said you had in Church?” she spoke fiercely towards her husband’s direction now.

“Yes, I just felt the detail was not necessary…”
“I see,” she was terribly blue in the face, Chinelo gave a long stare, their gaze leveling, she walked towards where her bag was placed; she lifted her bag immediately and gave a long hiss as she walked out of the church, she was browned off.

Othuya followed her with a steady gaze as she walked out of the door; shock was expressed all over his face, her reaction cut him quick, maybe he had bark up the wrong tree eventually, he thought. Othuya regretted the fact that he had overlooked such sensitive matters before marriage; the differences in their Church doctrines; he now understood that it was not enough that they were both believers, but their values had to be similar.