Friday, 10 July 2015

Qualities that should wear the mortarboards

Leke Alder was not wrong when he insinuated that qualifications are not needed in making some momentous decisions.  

We live in a world where success is weighed by the content of your resume, how many degrees you have bagged and in what field you have them. At least I have an O'level before you think I am no achiever. But I think success can be overrated sometimes. We celebrate the number of caps people have and judge them by the resulting numerics, even when some of the people wearing the caps are beasts. People rarely address others as that meek man but that engineer. However, I understand that caps are a source of motivation.

The world also recognise you by your outlook. Before you stare at my chest too closely I am gonna refer you to my elder Sister who harbours the rests for me, so I can dialogue with serious minded people.
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In the real sense, I think these are not the only pertinent things that make the world go around. My house-mate is having her master in business administration, but we do not always talk about strategic foresight,  or management or econometrics,  even when our courses have close relation.
You can’t live on staring at people's physical outlook everyday. They are contributions but they are not underlying.

I think tolerance,  respect and regard for others are what keeps the world going. If you always defeat Others with the words of your mouth, you are a weakling in the true sense.
Forgiveness will always be stronger than revenge. Staying polite always prove more masculinity than rudeness. If our parents did not do too well at passing down these training to us, we should learn them in church or from mentors steadfastly.

Albeit,  I am not the very best yet, I am not where I used to be.
Friends and families have taught me that until the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,  the things that will sustain humanity and keep the world functioning appropriately are the soft qualities and character that really do not wear the caps and mortarboards.