Monday, 11 January 2016

For How Long Have You Been On the Wrong Road?

This afternoon, I laid on my back, with my leg crossed over the other. Lately, there has been a thriving controversy on whether that posture is healthy for us or not. While Claudia Hammond a BBC reporter highlighted the downsides to the posture in October 2015, Lecia Bushaka of medical daily five days later stated that maybe the sitting position notable with the British Comedian Kenny Everret in the 1980s may not be necessarily harmful following some researches. 

Anyway, the subject of discourse herein is not health related. It is so far from my training by the way.

As I laid on my back, a quality number of situations flashed across my thoughts, tedious times when I had to walk away from wrong decisions.

Making a wrong decision is never the end to the world. My Pastor; Olusola Areogun reminds me that in fact, making mistakes is a reminder that we are still part of the human race.
Expectedly, this is never a license to make mistakes, but often times than not, we at some points in our lives must have trodden the wrong path to be able to identify the right path.

I write to you today to remind you that irrespective of how long you tarry on the wrong track in life, it will never automatically make the route the suitable one.

I do understand that some life roads are covenant binding and you will definitely need to continually converse with God to find your way out. But many times than not, we can always stop on our track and correct our mistakes.
I have observed a good number of times that even when people are aware that they have made wrong decisions, they struggle to deny reality. However, whether you struggle harder or not, it does not take the reality away.

Have you made a wrong decision in career, in your location, in associations or relationships, of whom you will serve the rests of your life, or in fact how you have served him in the past with your body? Have you of your own accord chosen a detrimental path? You are not obliged to write me back, but you sure know the answer within you. I have good news for you from our Lord Jesus Christ- there is something greater than your past poor decisions. The bible in Hebrews five and verse eight speaks about Jesus the Christ who although was a son, yet learned obedience by the things he suffered. 

Our lives will follow several patterns, some are of the tribe of Jacob who may have had to have the hollow of their thighs disjointed because they are very strong willed. And there are some others who embrace folly over and again, who make the wrong decisions yet and again.

Nonetheless, you can stop the trend, forget the blame game and halt the presses. You can stop the music. I know from experience that the replay may be on standby in your mind for days that can roll into months and that is again because you are human, but I urge you not to let the devil have the last say. For you we can say you chose a wrong battle, but because of Christ it is not lost, you can fight it in Christ, by making a turn around. Do not beat yourself too hard for your folly. Once God has forgiven you by your repentant heart, I ask you to forgive yourself and start on the right road. It does not matter how long you have been on the wrong road, a single day on your path of right decision is immensely rewarding than your years of mistake.

I commit you into the hands of the Most High God to heal and restore the years the canker-worm has eaten from you.