Friday, 24 July 2015


Over the years and more recently I have watched and heard creativity as it brings melody to my heart. There are lots of awesome talents and gifts within the body of Christ.

God gave us GIFTS to ease our journeys in life. I stumbled on a very old record of Dr Bola Are and I agreed the costumes in the video are primitive now, but these music did liven our spirit as we carried out our daily assignments years ago.
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GIFTS are meant to make our spiritual walk worthwhile, but they are not the underlying substance. I will encourage you to seek the face of God and stay in a spiritually sensitive zone enough so that you can find where you have that unique anointing. I have been privileged to put pen to paper a number of times, for me, it is a lot of hard-work to write subjects outside the Christian circle. I just find it more difficult. No matter how much opinion I have on a subject I still find it awesome when I read another writer put the same subject in another context.

However, GIFTS are not the central focus of our calling as Believers. The starting point is salvation, sobriety, vigilance and lots more.

The problem with some denominations is that they accentuate GIFTS than necessary. I watched with keen interest as a woman led deep “Alujo” Christian Hip-hop or whatever it is tagged in a particular Church simply because it was a harvest ceremony and the whole place was filled with sheets of dollars.
It is okay if we have it happen in a party using godly songs to enjoy a birthday ceremony and the likes, but I am worried about how it is supposed to be a Church event.

I appreciate GIFTS, no matter how un-nurtured, but that is not the underlying reason of Jesus’ walk to Golgotha.

God has given us GIFTS to make our race swifter and sweeter but that’s not the fundamental basis for our Christian calling. Don’t get unnecessarily obsessed about your or other’s gifts, DO THE CARRIER OF THE GIFTS HAVE THE LIFE OF HOLINESS?