Friday, 9 September 2016

Take a breather!

Sometimes ago, in my very very amateur days with manual car, I wanted to park outside an auntie's place and then I kept struggling to park 'mólè' (very well).
My goodness, I was on it for almost four minutes. After it almost got sweltering in the vehicle, I decided it was okay.

When I got off the car, and properly viewed the car behind, I realised if there were no gutter demarcation, I would probably be gunning for the gutter. I had done all the gymnastics I needed to do to park properly, I only needed a confirmation that it was fine.

Then I told myself, if only I had a company who would have said, 'IT'S OKAY. YOU HAVE PARKED WELL.'

Sometimes, you have done all YOU SHOULD HAVE, to save that relationship, to salvage that job, to keep that situation from going awry. Sometimes, doing enough maybe praying.

Sincerely, sometimes you have done just enough. If only you could hear God say, "Daughter you have tried your best. Don't sweat it."

I am not insinuating that you give up too soon, especially when you have God's instruction on it, but on some issues that you are unsure why you are holding on, take time to think that perhaps you have done enough. Maybe you are holding on too tight.

If only some women in abusive and violent relationships knew they had done enough, maybe they would still be sane and alive.
Just maybe.