Monday, 17 June 2013

Activities Upon Activities...

Activities upon activities upon activities!!!

She is in the organizing sub-group, yes she can sing, she’s also a good drama minister, she can do all things. I agree that, the bible says occupy till I come and the scripture also says, “As long as I am young I must do the work of him that sent me, old age is coming, when no man can work. But she has mistaken activities for service in the kingdom.

She can do so much for the fellowship but she does not have a relationship with God. He’s standing in the face of activities, but he is sleeping in the place of prayers and bible study. Don’t be carried away by activities, you can balance them. Don’t mistake activities for progress. If you start with so many activities and lose your stand with God, you may not be able to finish well with both God and the activities you have become engrossed with, because it will suddenly turn out to become a burden.

And you know one thing about finishing? Anybody can start anything, but people are not rewarded for starting, they are rewarded for finishing, that is why they don’t pay you your salary until you have put in an entire month’s work.

Romans 9:32, “Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works, they stumbled over the stumbling stone.

 Have you not left the faith for activities? Have you not lost the zeal for your work in his household? Don’t let activities take you away from your assignment. Don’t be so engrossed in activities that you cannot even hear the master’s voice again.

Faith can bring you things but things cannot bring about faith. Don’t let activities take away God from you, but don’t forget that serving God will ensue activities.

Maybe you are not even engaged in any assignment for God, maximize your time, and take your hand off what is God’s. If you are so conscious that brethren don’t take you for granted that’s why you are doing nothing in church, permit me to tell you the devil will take you for granted.

Get busy in church but don’t get carried away!