Friday, 11 October 2013

Love in my Bowels(The Concluding part)

“Holy Mary Mother of God, Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.” Veronica continued to say amidst tears with her head bowed to her knees. Felix was still on the bed with his short knickers on, trying to fathom the best words to say. “Veronica I am so sorry I let my guards down.” Veronica did not raise her head, she continued to sob.

Felix stood to his feet and reached for his polo shirt that was on the door of the wardrobe, he moved over to where she sat and touched her gently. Veronica blurted out, “so you want to start again, haven’t we committed enough sin already? Your urge is not quenched yet right? Take your filthy hands off me.” Felix was amazed at her reaction, “do you mean this was my entire fault?” veronica didn't care, “I am a nun for Christ sake, how do I tell anyone that I have been deflowered as a Reverend Sister?”

It’s been ten weeks after their visit to the Reverend Mother, they were supposed to return to the nunnery in two weeks time before they fell into the sin of fornication. “This is unholy!” Veronica started to cry again as she reached for her bag. “I didn't want to come today, why did I come! Why? To desecrate my body? Is this what those in the other world do, that makes them feel Reverend Sisters are in bondage? Jesus Christ!” She reached for the door.

Felix didn't know what to say, he stood there looking at her, she appeared like a different woman entirely. He decided to let her go; she needed some space to get over it. “Goodbye Felix,” Veronica banged the door. Felix returned to his bed, still sad about the whole situation, ‘how on earth did they enter the bedroom? When did he unbutton her dress?  He wished it was a day-dream, who pulled down my trousers for heaven sake?’ he asked himself.

‘The devil is just a bad devil, how did we remove each other’s clothe?  Did we walk or run into the bedroom?’ The questions kept flying through his mind. He rolled on the bed severally, trying to fathom how they started the ludicrous action.


Veronica and Felix’s appointment with the Reverend Mother was the next day. Felix felt they had to make plans ahead of the meeting, but Veronica seldom picks his call since that day, nevertheless Felix decided to call her.

“Evening,” she answered coldly, “how are you doing?” he asked. “Thank you, I am fine she answered.” “Veronica, we won’t get through this, if you start picking offences, we have an appointment with the Reverend Mother tomorrow and we shouldn’t show her there is disunity between us already.” Veronica kept mute on the other side of the phone.

“Dearest Veronica I love you, and the fact that we have fallen into sin, has not and will not change it. I admit that we are wrong, but keeping offences will not make us holier. This is a strong man indeed, Veronica thought. She spoke now, “ok but you don’t intend to tell the Reverend Mother we had sex, do you?” Felix inhaled a deep breath before he spoke, “I am sorry Veronica, but I do.” Felix words sounded like a bang in her ears. “But why would you do such a thing, do you want to put me to shame? Is it not enough that we have messed up before God?” Veronica said with raised voice.

Felix tried to calm her, “I understand how you feel perfectly, it’s not a thing of pride, but the bible says he that covereth his sin, shall not prosper. Concealing our sin won’t make us feel any better. So tomorrow we’ll meet at the convent ten minutes before the appointment, is that okay?” he asked. “It’s fine by me,” she answered.

Veronica ended the call quietly but still felt sad, the pain was very fresh in her heart, ‘so wearing a robe all these years couldn't prevent her from spreading her legs at the slightest opportunity’ many thoughts came to her mind as she sat on her mattress, how did she get into Felix’s bed, did he carry her? Or did she walk there blind-folded? Now that he had decided to tell the Reverend Mother, she knew she was in a capital mess.


“You are welcome,” Reverend Mother said to Felix and Veronica who said thank you for the seats offered. “Mr. Felix, how have you been?” Reverend Mother said, trying to be friendlier than their first meeting, she assumed he must have changed his mind in the space of two months. “I am fine Mother,” he forced a grin. “Where exactly do you work?” Mother asked on, as if trivializing the objective of the appointment, she assumed the same method might have worked for Veronica, Reverend Sisters that fell into such emotional attachments were given time to have a rethink, they came back changing their minds and sticking to their allegiance most of the time.

“I work at Charret Insurance Ma,” he said with a bow, “Oh that’s great, and how has it been there?” Felix wondered what had come over her, if she knew the bombshell he was going to launch, she wouldn’t be as friendly as this. “Alright then Mr. Felix, Veronica how has it been at your work place too? I hope the Sisters there have been kind to you.” Veronica answered with a forced grin,” yes mother, she quickly bowed her head.

“Mother we are here as agreed…” Felix said calling her attention to the fact they were not here for a pleasure visit, Reverend Mother quickly stole the line from him, “oh! You mean that, I thought you must have had a change of mind by now. Veronica should have had a rethink of the whole issue isn't it? She spoke towards her direction.”

“Yes Mother, it’s just that…” she dragged, Felix spoke almost immediately, “Mother we are not changing our minds, we have agreed to marry each other. I love her deeply and I want to express it in marriage.” Whattt! Are you telling me two months was not enough for you to get back to your right senses?” Mother blurted out.

“Mother I am sorry, but do you say it is a sin to marry?” Felix replied starring into her eyes. “No it is not, of course, she’s already married to Jesus.” Felix answered with a giggle, “Mother I still cannot remember Jesus Christ demanding for human wives in the bible.” Reverend was getting furious at him now. “Mr. Felix, this is how I do not want you to speak around here.” Felix who didn't care replied, “Mother everyone doesn't have the grace of celibacy, the fact that you do, doesn't mean everyone else does.” Reverend Mother seemed to agree with what he said now, although she knew that before now. “It’s okay even if you won’t let Veronica speak for herself. I will release her to you but I don’t want you to mess with her heart, she is still one of my daughters. Finally don’t forget as Christians you are not allowed to have a carnal knowledge of yourself until marriage, your bed must be kept undefiled, anyway that is just by the way, Reverend Sister Veronica should know better, she has been under an oath of chastity for years.” Veronica stole a gaze at Felix as if pleading that he should not unveil their dirty secret. Felix understood the look but he wasn't going to compromise, much more he was a brave man.”

“Alright Mother, thank you for been there all through, we’ll take heed to your advice, we’ll let you know the date of our wedding ceremony when fixed, but Mother, my fiancée and I would want to confess that we fell into the sin of fornication a week ago, we are sorry Mother, we know better now and we will put discipline in place.” Felix said putting their things together, as if though they were through with the meeting.

“Holy Mary Mother of God,” Mother shouted at them, “did you just say that you have both had sexual intercourse! and is that what you trivialized, as such? Reverend Mother was shocked to her marrow. “Is that what you addressed like a dose of salts? This is ridiculous, Sister Veronica howbeit that you abused freedom that you have not even been given yet!” Veronica fidgeted on her seat, Felix kept mute where he sat and tried to calm her stretching his hands over her shoulder. Reverend Mother spoke on, “so in just two months you have desecrated your bodies? Holy Mary Mother of God!!! Veronica are you sure you haven’t been doing this with other men before Felix came over?” She said sarcastically.

“Not so Mother!!!” Veronica jumped to her feet at once, ‘was Mother trying to blackmail her before Felix!’ Felix who had been keeping quiet all along spoke now. ‘’Veronica please have your seat, thank you Reverend Mother, we appreciate your effort all along. We are sorry we compromised our standards as Christians, we have prayed to God, and asked for forgiveness individually and corporately. We are angrier at ourselves than you are with us, but we don’t want to cover our sins and that’s why we have told you. If we didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t know anyway. Thank you for releasing Veronica to me. Please when do I come with my fiancée for her to sign the discharge form? Seeing that the atmosphere is tense now?”

Reverend Mother could not help Felix’s courage, boldness and gentility as he spoke, Ooh so you mean you committed such a great sin before God and you sit there and speak like a perfect gentleman after all?” ‘Felix tried not to smile’. I’m sorry, and we are indeed sorry. We just believe sin shouldn't take us away from God’s intention for us. So when do I come around ma?

Reverend Mother looked at them sarcastically and answered” ok, this time next week will be fine. “Veronica who sat quietly since, was very happy at how Felix handled the whole matter, but she composed herself in there. “Thank you very much Mother, we are grateful, we‘ll heed strictly to your advice, thank you for your love. “Felix rose to his feet and gave her a hand shake, Veronica was already on her feet too. “Thank you Mother,” Veronica curtseyed. As the duo stepped out of her office, Veronica who couldn't wait to express how happy she was to her man, jumped at him and flung her hands around his neck, on the corridor of the office. He gave him a loving hug, Felix said in her ears, “When you walk through any door in life, make sure you don’t bang it as you leave, you may have to walk through the same door again.” Veronica replied, “I love you dear.” Felix said, “I love you more”. Just then one of the Reverend Sisters at the Convent walked past them, Veronica quickly released her arms from his neck and they both giggled at each other.
………………………The end……………………….