Monday, 2 December 2013

Amazing Love

Suleiman turned once more on the mat he laid on in his small room, although the honk from the car was deafening, yet he only imagined it was a dream, Charles Olatona honked his horn a third time, this time it seemed to register louder in Suleiman’s ears, he rushed out of the tiny room to the gate, he peeped through the small hole. It was his boss who had arrived, he hurriedly opened the gate expecting a hot lash of words from his boss, who had returned suddenly from his trip. 

Charles Olatona drove into the parking space at once, just besides the gigantic building he had lived in for years now, “Suleiman! What on earth were you doing inside your room?” Charles started to say immediately he set his left foot out of the car, he was furious, “Oga I am sorry, I was…” he dragged. “You were sleeping right? Seeing how red your eyes are,” Charles said as he walked towards him.” “I dey very sorry Sir,” Suleiman trembled, with his head bowed.

Charles looked around the wide compound and noticed the absence of his wife’s car, “what of my wife?” changing the topic of discussion, “did she go to the market or something?” Suleiman looked around before he answered, he knew the sincere truth would have grave consequences, “she, she… she has not been around since five days ago sir.” Charles darted him a surprised look. 

“What!!! Did you just say five days ago?” he raised his right hand, spreading his fingers, “yes Sir,” Suleiman answered. “You mean she left this house right after I travelled?” shock was expressed all over his face, “something like that Sir,” Suleiman knew he was in for a big mess if Mrs. Olatona ever finds out what he just said.

“Jesus Christ… is this what goes on each time I travel?” Suleiman shook his head, “no be so Sir,” he tried to cover up for Mrs. Olatona’s strange outings. Charles did not know what to ask for again, he walked away, but suddenly turned around, “Suleiman come and take these keys from me and bring in my briefcase.” “Yes Sir,” Suleiman answered as he walked towards his boss.


“Not again Olamiposi, for how long do I have to live with this attitude of yours, can’t you just sit at home alone. God where did I get it wrong? I married this lady as a virgin for Christ’s sake, where did I miss God along the line?” Charles said to himself, “where did the devil get me? What was the loophole the enemy found out in my home?” he continued to speak to himself.

“I am sure she has gone into the hands of some strange men again, how did I suddenly become a cuckold?” “I have satisfied this woman with all I have got, I make more money each month yet she will not be contented…” just as he wallowed on his thoughts, there was a bang on the door, it returned his consciousness. “Who is it?” he called out from the couch he sat on, he had not even changed from his office wears.

“It’s me Suleiman,” Charles stood to his feet because the doorknob was inside the building. “Thank you, and don’t let me find you sleeping at that post again except you have got an alternative job.” He said as he received the brief case from him alongside the keys. He slammed the door behind him, he picked his jacket which he had dropped on the couch earlier and walked upstairs to his room to change from his office wears.

“Hello dear, how are you?” Charles had changed and was walking back into the living room, he had decided to call his wife on her mobile phone, he was sure there was a cooked up story ready for his ears. “I am fine honey,” Olamiposi answered with her calm voice. “I miss you, you know?” he forced a smile, “I miss you more,” She replied. “Oh I am sorry dear,” Charles answered playing along. “You left me all alone in this big building, anyway I am getting used to it, please dear remind me, when exactly did you say you are to return?”

She wanted to confirm when his return was going to be, so that she could plan her movement accordingly. Charles initially chuckled at her lie, he tried to avoid the question, “oh, where are you now? Are you home?” “Off course dear, I am all alone, I hope you return soon.” ‘This is demonic…’ Charles muttered beneath his breath, he was not really surprised at her attitude anymore, it had become her frequent way of life in the past few months, he was only amazed at the high sense of impunity with which she lied.

“Olamiposi…, but when will you stop this way of life, I am right at home and I can’t find you anywhere here, except you have become so invisible. “You mean you are at home at the moment?” She stuttered, “I aaam sorry, I just went over to the Babasomi’s place, I will join you soon,” Olamiposi knew Charles had caught her again this time. She was surprised at his sudden arrival, his trip to Port-Harcourt was supposed to last two weeks, she wondered what could have changed the plans.
Charles was a top executive of an oil firm; his position required him to be on the road most of the times.  Olamiposi had suddenly started taking advantage of his absence to play around with strange men.    

She hurried out of Alhaji’s bed, got dressed properly and hurried to his car, she was lucky she was in town this time, Alhaji who understood what was going on did not bother to raise an eyebrow.

As she raced her car home, several thoughts filled her mind, ‘what if Charles decided to call Mrs. Babasomi before she arrived home, for how long has he arrived!’ Whatever the case may be, she was not too scared of what the outcome would be, the fact that she married a godly man indeed had encouraged her despicable act, because she knew Charles wouldn’t raise a finger on her. He was a deacon at the church they both attended and has always preached against divorce.

Olamiposi made the last turn and drove into the compound after honking her car a few times; she hurried into the building she didn’t bother to ask the gateman since when her husband arrived. She headed straight for the building, ready for whatever words Charles might have prepared for her, she was going to swallow them in as usual.

She stood at the front of the door, adjusted her blouse for the last time, and used her keys at once. Charles who was seated on the couch with his legs crossed before drifted his attention towards the door; Olamiposi stepped in quietly, ready to act as usual. “I am sorry I kept you waiting dear, there was terrible traffic,” she started to say.

“Olamiposi, you don’t need to feign any innocence, when did lying become your stocking trade for God’s sake? It’s just me standing in front of you and not a jury, why do you need to lie at the slightest opportunity? Why?” Olamiposi stood right there in the middle of the neatly arranged living room, her gaze swept the big room with fine furniture, trying to avoid her husband’s demanding gaze.

“I am sorry dear…” she tried to say. “Oh, keep that to yourself, you live your life on lies every day, okay when exactly did  you leave this compound today?” he queried, looking directly into her eyes. “Just this morning dear, I just went over to say hi to Mrs. Babasomi like I said earlier,” she lied.

“Blood of Jesus!!! Posi!!! Ah!!! When did you get a PhD in lying for heaven’s sake? How is it that you lie without any sense of remorse? Okay should I call Mrs. Babasomi right away and put it on loudspeaker?” Charles spoke quite fiercely now, bringing out his mobile phone almost immediately. “Hmmmn hmmmn…” she stuttered, she knew she would only be extending her shame beyond the walls of her home.

“Posi you have been out of this house for five days now,” She fingered her neatly packed hair, she knew the gate man must have leaked the truth, ‘stupid man, I will show him tonight,’ she murmured. “What are you saying there? You have no shame faced-ness whatsoever, no sense of sobriety at all, you and I know you are coming from a man’s bed, you have let mere men in the neighbourhood talk down on me and my calling because of your shamelessness, Olamiposi what exactly did I do wrong?”

Olamiposi maintained her head bowed, she was void of excuses, Charles had lavished her with the height of love any man can show a woman. He inhaled a deep breath, “I have sent our children to the best of schools, or wait do you do this with convenience because all our children are in the boarding school? Or is it because you have stopped going to work? Even if you do what is the assurance that you will not flirt with your co-workers? I am getting sick in the head for Christ’s sake, what else do you want Posi?”

Olamiposi shivered where she stood, ’twas all feigned act, “I am sorry it won’t repeat itself.” “Exactly what you have told me all of the times we have had to address this matter, nevertheless, you still run back to your vomit,” Charles was already on his feet by now, he walked towards her. Posi felt he was coming to slap her or something, but she bet on her life that Deacon Latona wouldn’t do such a thing, nevertheless the fierceness in his voice this time could propel such.

Charles stopped right in front of her, it was unlike what she was expecting, he held her face in his hands, and stared deeply into those eyes he had always loved, “Olamiposi Jesudarasimi Olatona, I love you more than you think, is that so difficult for you to understand, please drop this wayward way of life you have embraced dearly, it will only lead to destruction.”


It’s been three weeks since Charles Olatona returned from his trip to Port-Harcourt, as much as Olamiposi had tried to behave well enough, the incessant calls she received on her mobile phone disturbed her husband, as much as he was not particular about the text messages she received, the frequency with which her phone buzzed at intervals couldn’t go unnoticed. Charles had read a number of them, and they had confirmed to him beyond reasonable doubt that she was deeply involved in adultery.

Charles and Olamiposi had met during their university days, they both attended the same fellowship when they were in the school, they were both fervent in the fellowship at the time, while Charles served as the President of the fellowship in his final year in the university, Olamiposi was the financial secretary, they both started off as casual friends.

Olamiposi was in the choir unit of the fellowship during her stay in the university, she was a committed and vibrant sister, a very quiet and calm lady, not only did she have a quiet spirit, she also carried these great qualities in a beautiful body, she had long black hair, she was a wish of most brothers in the fellowship back in school, Charles had had to contend with a number of them who tried to steal her attention away from him after they were in a relationship.

Olamiposi could lead prayers for hours without ceasing, that she was nick-named ‘Fire-brand Posi’ back then in school, she was indeed a delight of the brethren in fellowship. Charles could not fathom what exactly went wrong along the line, he had waited upon the Lord in prayers concerning his marital choice, what could have happened he wondered, he was surprised at the sudden change in her attitude, the change has been for months now.

Although he was almost fed up of the whole situation, he was determined not to give up praying, he continued to confess ‘with God all things are possible’ and continued to show her his un-ending love.   
The issue had topped the list of his prayers for months now, he had taken several days to fast and pray concerning it, but it appeared unyielding in the physical. He had started to consider physical measures that could be applied to achieve improvements.


“Olamiposi dear…, Charles tapped her once more, Posi rolled some more on the big bed they both shared, Charles had turned on the bed-side lamp, it was in the middle of the night, he had decided to speak to Posi about his decision. “Yes dear…” Posi said adjusting her slender body, she managed to open her eyes, the dim light from the bed-side lamp caused her to rub her eyes roughly.

“I am sorry for waking you; please sit up,” Charles said, “why are you not sleeping dear?” Posi asked she seemed to be awake; Charles who was already seated upright tried to help her up, “I want to have a word with you.”

………………………………….To be continued……………………………………