Monday, 16 December 2013

Amazing Love 2

 “Oh! anything the matter?” She asked, “you know that’s an understatement in this house, we both know a lot is wrong in this home, I am not happy with the kind of matters we address as Christians, things we should be ashamed off,” he paused and continued almost immediately, “you have made it so difficult for me to counsel couples whose partner commits adultery in church, you have made my work more difficult.”

“I cannot leave home without the fear of what my wife might be doing or where she might be,” Olamiposi inhaled a deep breath, “Olamiposi Jesudarasimi,” that was how Charles stressed her name when he wanted to drive home a point, “you have virtually torn my fabric of trust in this marriage, but I am still holding on because of the word of God, you have tried my patience and pushed me to the stony wall, if I had picked you from a brothel, maybe I would not be amazed, but how did the Firebrand Posi turned out to be this? Posi I have shown you ultimate love from the first day, I love your heartbeat dear, yet you only keep abusing this love, if you do not fear what I can do to you, what of God’s wrath? Please I want you turn a new leaf.”

Olamiposi swept the room with her gaze, although it was quite dark in there, she managed to see with the bedside lamp that gave the room a little illumination. Charles continued to speak, “and as a result of this, Folafunmi will cease to be a boarding student in her school, she will start off as a day student from next term, maybe if you have her at home, it will keep you busy or at least you will be ashamed to flirt around with men.”

Olamiposi who kept mute all through spoke now, “I am sorry dear, but I don’t think we need to involve our children in any of these, I promise I won’t return to that lifestyle, I promise,” she said solemnly. Charles answered, “I am trying to believe you, but it has become very difficult for me. Nonetheless, that is how I want it to be, Folafunmi will be at home with us, the driver will drop her off at her school every morning. Is that okay?” Although she was not pleased with the decision, she had to agree, so that Charles doesn’t think she had anything up her sleeves again.


“Blood of Jesus!!! Blood of Jesus!!!” “Suleiman! Suleiman!” Folafunmi kept on screaming from the living room, “Suleiman! Suleiman! Help!!! Help!!!” Suleiman who was deeply asleep as usual did not hear Fola scream for help. It’s been ten weeks into the new term; Folafunmi had become a day student as earlier decided by her Father. Charles Olatona’s decision to make Folafunmi a day student at her college  to prevent her wife from her strange outings did not improve the situation at all. Olamiposi would prepare enough food, and refrigerate them, and would take to her strange trips.

Folafunmi was initially surprised at her mother’s awkward trips when her father was away, since she was aware her mother did not take up a secular job, nevertheless she got used to it by the day. During weekends Fola would bring her friends home so as to relieve her of boredom, she did this in the absence of her Parents, often times she visited her friends too.

She had done exactly the same thing this particular weekend, but it had turned out to be at her detriment. Two guys had come visiting her this weekend, they were supposed to come in company of Tolani a close friend to Folafunmi, Tolani a lady, had promised to come over later, but she never showed up, only for the two boys to take advantage of the lonely girl.

The two boys raped Fola mercilessly, she kept on screaming for help but to no avail, her noise did not register to Suleiman’s ears, the building of the Olatona was so big that one could hardly eavesdrop outside the building; moreover Suleiman was already in another world entirely. Mrs. Olatona was also miles away from home to help her daughter, and her Father was also on assignment for his firm.

Once the first guy was through with her, the second guy undressed hurriedly, and started to press hard on her, Fola gasped for breath, she struggled for breath intermittently; she was only in her third year in the junior school, a very young girl. Her strength began to fail her, her eyes went dimmer, just as she struggled with her breath the doorknob was pressed.

Charles Olatona had arrived from his trip that afternoon, he entered the building angrily, Suleiman had infuriated him; Charles had honked his horn severally before Suleiman opened the gate for him. After giving him a hot lash of words he walked to the building, what welcomed his eyes as he pressed the doorknob shocked him to his bones.

Charles Olatona walked into the living room to find a strange man pressing hard on her daughter; he dropped the suitcase he had in his right hand and the briefcase in his left. The sound distracted the two guys, Charles did not quickly notice her daughter beneath, “Wha…t!!! What is it you are doing in my house?” He looked around the living room as if he had entered into a wrong building, he walked towards them faster, and there was Folafunmi struggling to breathe, the guy on top of her had jumped off immediately, he struggled with his clothes as if he wanted to tear them.

Charles did not know the exact word to use, the scene was so awkward, he lifted up her daughter right away, “Folafunmi! Folafunmi!” while he tried to revive her fainting daughter, the two boys ran away. He didn’t know which of the issue to attend to first, “Idiots may God punish you,” immediately he screamed through the window, “Suleiman don’t let those guys get out!” But it seemed Suleiman didn’t hear his voice.

“Folafunmi!!! Talk to me! Where is your mother? Fola dear talk to me,” he stood up abruptly, with his daughter in his hands, picked up his car keys and rushed for his car. “Suleiman open the gate immediately, but be sure you have lost your job.”


Folafunmi had recovered from the shock and pressure, she had been treated in the hospital she was driven to, it was the second day after the incident, yet Olamiposi had not returned or called home. Charles Olatona, sat by Fola’s bedside, he slept there for the night. He was mad at his wife, several thoughts flew across his mind, this was the height of his wife’s untoward attitude, maybe he was wrong to have involved his daughter after all, maybe he should have kept their children out of the whole mess. ‘Maybe he should have left her as a boarding student.

He didn’t know who to put the blame on, his shameless wife, or himself; maybe his decision was wrong after all. He was sad that his daughter was raped in his own house. “Folafunmi,” Charles started to speak, he felt she should be able to speak now since she felt better. Charles knew his wife must have gone on her strange trips but he wanted to confirm from her daughter.

“Yes Daddy…” She answered quietly, “So when did your mummy leave home?” Fola adjusted on the bed, “four days ago Dad.” Her answer hurt him deeper, he shook his head sadly, “Olamiposiiiiii….” He said beneath his breath. “So where exactly did you meet those brothers of the devil that did this to you?” Charles said with his head bowed, he had removed his tie, he folded the sleeves of his shirt, he had not taken his bathe since his arrival from his trip.

Folafunmi explained how they were supposed to come in company of Tolani her friend, but how Tolani did not show up afterwards. “But I have told you to stop bringing strange friends home… you see how you have allowed yourself to be defiled.” Tears started rolling down her cheek, “but Daddy I am always bored during weekends, Mummy is always out.”

Mummy is always out,’  those words hit him hard, he had prayed severally for her, Olamiposi had thrown caution out of the window, she had totally treated their marriage with a high level of profanity. Charles was fed up, he refused to call her on her mobile phone this time, he was going to see exactly when she would return.

“It’s Okay, but you have to be careful of your choice of friends,” just as Charles ended the line, Olamiposi stepped into the ward, the duo lifted up their eyes to see who it was, immediately Charles’ eyes met Posi’s, anger swelled up rapidly from his bowels, he stood up right away and lifted up his hands to hit her, “DADDY!!!” Folafunmi shouted. Charles held back his anger and dropped his hand; he was desperately trying to calm the inferno raging within him. He stared into Olamiposi’s eyes deeply, after a while; he looked around the room, picked his car keys and walked out the ward.

Olamiposi had arrived a while ago; Suleiman only told her that Charles drove out of the home speedily with Folafunmi, although he was not sure of exactly what had happened. Olamiposi only presumed he must have driven to the hospital.


…………………………………..To be continued…………………..